3 Steps to Back Up a WordPress Website

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    Backing up your WordPress Website is essential to maintaining updates, and to having a current version stored of your website,  just in case hosting servers go down for whatever reason.

    Our last lesson at Wealthy Affiliate (Lesson 5 of Phase 2 Bootcamp) we were given instructions to “Take a Break”. We covered a great deal of training up until that point (Completing Phase 1 Bootcamp, Lessons 1-10) and (Phase 2 Bootcamp, Lessons 1-5), a well-deserved break if you ask me!

    Now that we’ve had our break!


    Let’s commence with Lesson 6 of Phase 2 Bootcamp:

    Backing Up Our Website

    In this training lesson we are being educated with the knowledge that Wealthy Affiliate is becoming the industry standard for managed WordPress web hosting, my/our (if you’re training alongside me with your own) website indicates this fact.



    It appears, based on the training, completed lessons, and the website we produced, Wealthy Affiliate offer features with web hosting that is very hard to find with other web hosts. We should know that every website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate offers redundancy, meaning Wealthy Affiliate are basically managing two of exactly the same versions of our website at all times on different servers. This also means if one of the two goes down, the other same exact website version will automatically replace it, leading to no downtime.



    Can you imagine all the training, all the work, and the many hours of thinking, retaining and writing that we’ve done on our website and then have it disappear? Sounds like a disaster to me!


    Even though this training is on how to back up our website, Wealthy Affiliate also backs up our website, automatically, on a daily basis. It’s like double protection. There is no way to know when or why we will need to go back to an earlier rendition of our website. Who knows, we could input an incorrect update, this might inadvertently perform something wrong on our site or we can do something even worse. If anything occurs with our website that might cause it to malfunction, the SiteSupport team at Wealthy Affiliate can help us out if we ever need the help.


    Peace of Mind

    This lesson teaches us in order to have the confidence and the comfort of knowing that we will have a current version of our website, we need to back it up to our computer as well. This training will walk us through the quick and easy process of backing up our website content to our computer.

    If we lose all or part of our website for some reason (which Wealthy Affiliate states, likely will never happen), all of our images, texts, and content on our site will be backed up.


    How often should our website be backed up?

    It is suggested that we back-up our website(s) once a week, and we are also advised to create a set day and time during the week to back-up our site. Doing this would create a routine and we can also back-up our site everytime we make a major change to our site as well. If we implement these reassurances we will always have a currently stored version of our website on our computer.


    3 Steps to Backing Up your WordPress Website



    Log into the WordPress-admin area of our website: Under the Tools menu => click Export (as shown below)


    On the Export options page. Select the “All Content” under the Choose what to export. 



    Select => Download Export file

    A .xml file will be downloaded to our computer. This file although not readable (at least not to this novice – computer person), we will need to save it somewhere safe on your computer like in a folder. If we create a folder we could then put all the backup files from our website(s) into that folder and can retrieve them anytime we need to import this back into our website.


    In conclusion: So, let’s work smarter not harder, and let’s back-up our website creations! This concludes Lesson 6 of Phase 2 Bootcamp: “Backing Up Your WordPress Site”

    NEXT Lesson 7 of Phase 2 Bootcamp: “Enhancing Your Website Experience”


    Wait, before we depart, I would like to digress just a bit. I started this blog September 2018 with the goal to create a situation for myself that would not allow others to define my self-worth. September 2018 I was unemployed and felt unappreciated by the employment world (Read my story from the beginning).


    My Mindset

    My goal was to not let my unemployment status define my worth and to not allow unemployment to be the end all. Believing that I am much more than what one might think an unemployment status might indicate is the mindset to have. Although I am employed now, I believe it was the mindset that opened my eyes to more possibilities. Once I decided to move from the unemployment status in my head (I suddenly had choices), don’t misunderstand me, I still pounded the pavement and distributed my resume to whoever would accept it. But, there was something different about how I eventually started to feel, I wanted to live in this world not survive in the world of unemployment. The change in my mindset brought me to discover Wealthy Affiliate! Thus this blog, although I am employed now and at the mercy of another employer, the training I’ve completed (still much more to go) at Wealthy Affiliate has brought me to believe in the possibilities.


    Visit Wealthy Affiliate =>

    Every day, every training lesson has brought me one step closer to my goal of becoming an affiliate marketer. I had absolutely no experience, unemployed, and really no direction (I’m still a beginner/newbie, but learning in leaps and bounds).

    Sharing my training experiences has also helped me to focus on the possibilities, holding myself accountable, and holding Wealthy Affiliate accountable for assisting me with creating a successful online business.

    Let’s be realistic, ultimately we want to put our worth in our own hands! If Wealthy Affiliate can help me reach that pinnacle, then they can help you also! My goal is to continue with the training, continue to report and share the training with you and others and let’s see what happens!



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    If you have any questions about any part of my blog, the training, let me know in the box below.

    I will address all your questions and engage in your dialogues.

    It will be a win-win situation!

    Walk with me through this venture of discovery! (My beginning)

    Thanks for visiting and reading!

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

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    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. OMG!  What a great and simple way of backing up my WordPress website!  I have been using some plugin for the longest time now and never realized I had everything right there in WordPress!  Like you say, backing up our websites is all about peace of mind, and not losing all the hours and hard work.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I will definitely delete my plugin and start using this method!   

        • Hello Denis,

          Thanks for visiting and reading my article!

          I am pleased that my article was useful with the information you can use right away. WordPress really does make website designing easy and also really tries to make things easy in terms of managing and maintaining our websites.

          And, remember it is also good to back up your website every time you make any major changes to it! Even if it is before or just after your regular scheduled times.

          Thanks for stopping by, you’re welcome anytime!


      2. These are great methods to backing up a wordpress website. I have often wondered how to go about doing this. That is amazing that we are able to back up our websites without having to install another plugin. Your point about peace of mind is one that I agree with. I will apply your methods to all of my websites. Thank you for sharing this information.

        • Hello Kenny,

          Thanks for reading my article!

          I am pleased that you find the information in my article useful. It is an important method that will save all of your hard work that you spent building your site. Don’t wait until some problem occurs, do it now and back up your site regularly using the method mentioned in my article.

          Thanks for visiting!


      3. Hi there,

        Never thought to back up my website before, I should huh? I always assume that it is backed up automatically. Thanks for the step by step on how to back up your website manually. Glad to come across your page gonn start backing up my website regularly. 

        Happy New Year!

        • Hello,

          Thanks for stopping by and reading my article!

          I have to honestly admit, prior to training at Wealthy Affiliate in their affiliate training program, I would not have known about backing up a website either. Within their comprehensive, easy step by step training sessions I was able to create my website (still building it with content), I’ve already spent hours/days adding content and I do not want to lose what I worked so hard to produce. I have come to understand the importance of backing up your website and I wanted others to know the importance as well.

          Thanks for visiting, welcome to come back anytime!


      4. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this yet. I have been using word press for two weeks and it’s been right there in front of me. Thanks for sharing the method, now I can have a complete peace of mind and know that my contents are totally safe and secure.

        • Hi Solomon,

          Thanks for stopping by and reading!

          Discovery is always positive, you get to know something you did not know before and if it makes things better or great then that is icing on the cake. Training at Wealthy Affiliate with the creation of my website only seemed fitting to educate on how to back up the website we create.

          I am pleased to know the back up method for your WordPress website will serve you well, having peace of mind means everything good!

          Thanks for visiting, come back anytime!


      5. This is a very informative article.  I didn’t know that I could back up my entire website onto my computer.  It would be a great practice to get started.  But, I work off of a ChromeBook, which doesn’t allow for much storage.  Would it be possible to still back up an entire website on a Chromebook?  If so, how much memory would a website use approximately?

        I apologize if these questions seem nonsensical but I sometimes get very lost when working out new things with my website.

        • Hello Kelly,

          Thanks for visiting and reading my article!

          Yes, as stated in my article it is important that you do back up your website. If as you mentioned, you do not have enough computer storage, I am not a computer expert by no stretch of the word, I personally would use a USB to download the website to. For each major change you make to your website back it up. You can also reference: https://www.howtogeek.com/2424… I found that they have a few recommendations as well, that might be helpful.

          I am pleased you found the article informative, and hope it served you in some positive capacity.

          Come back visit anytime!


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