4 EZ Steps to Make Your Website a “SOCIABLE” Site!

Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


    There are a few ways to balance traffic on our website and influence social networks, and one way is to be more social within our content within our website.    SIGN UP TO GET YOUR 2 FREE WEBSITES! =>=>=>


    Lesson 1 of Bootcamp Phase 3 training: 

    “Making Our Site Social”

    In this training at Wealthy Affiliate, the lesson’s concentration is on creating a social presence to our website that will allow us the ability to share more of our website’s content with more people.


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    The emphasis was on continuing to produce quality content for our website, writing about themed topics, and offering product reviews on our site.

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    Now onward!

    This training, lesson 1 of Bootcamp Phase 3 is all about making our website “socially” ready, and how to do this in 4 EASY STEPS!


    #1 – Installing the “Sociable” Plugin

    We want to be able to share our website with everyone. So it is important to make it a sharing atmosphere. Our writing needs to be engaging, informative and has helpful content. In order to have our audience share the content on our website, it needs to have those qualities. If our content is engaging, interesting, informative and helpful our visitors will want to share our content through their social media outlets as well.



    In this training the plugin that is recommended by Wealthy Affiliate is “Sociable” it is easy to work with and it works with most website themes. Plugins add additional functionality to your site. For social media engagement, there are other plugins that can be used to allow social media sharing, “Sociable” is one that is very user-friendly!



    To find this plugin, go to the Plugins tab the “admin area” (back office) of our WordPress website. An example below: Back office/DASHBOARD of my Wealthy Affiliate WordPress website: https://myworthdefined.com



    To search for the “Sociable” plugin:


    Install the plugin by clicking on “Activate” or “Deactivate” to uninstall it.


    #2 – “Sociable” plugin placement

    The plugin then should be ready to have the settings set to what we want. Like, how we want the social media icons to look on our website and which social icons you want on your site.

    To accomplish this we must click on the “Sociable Options”, (as shown below).





    There are a couple of different options:

    Classic Sociable

    (Social Media Icons are  horizontal top and bottom of our pages/posts on our website).

    Skyscraper Sociable

    (Social Media Icons are vertical on the pages/posts (usually left-side) on our website).







    #3 – Sign up with Social Media Networks Accounts

    They will be our daily activity and they are FREE to join: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and etc.

    Twitter – (https://www.twitter.com)

    Facebook – (https://www.facebook.com)

    LinkedIn – (https://www.linkedin.com)

    Pinterest – (https://www.pinterest.com)


    # 4 – Sharing Our Website within Social Profiles


    Once we have signed up and created profiles for our social media accounts, we are going to want to share our content within our social network. We are really going to want to share every page or post. To share one of our post/pages click on the media icon on our page/post for whichever social media network.

    For example:



    TWITTER – tweets, will share your article/page or post. It is good to add hashtags to your tweets, make hashtags relevant to your article/page or post.


    FACEBOOK – click “Like” to share your article/page or post. It will share in your news feed, but it is also good to go to your Facebook profile and within our status update post the article/page or post there too. Put the URL there and above it maybe ask a question of sorts, something that will engage the reader.


    Share with all of your social networks and accounts!


    Next training: Lesson 2 of Bootcamp Phase 3 – Making Social Profiles Brand Friendly

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    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


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