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Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


    Hello, I am Dwilli, welcome to my blog titled “My Worth Defined”, and thank you so much for visiting. Being a new blogger is exciting and scary at the same time. This blog is the method I’m using to chronicle my steps as I venture into the world of Affiliate Marketing. I am a newbie and very green at this point, so if you haven’t guessed it already, I’ll be learning as I/we go. I want to prove to myself and to you that if I utilize the training that’s offered to me to my fullest potential (that could be saying a lot or a little), it could have a great impact on my self-worth as an Affiliate Marketer (I am not sure if I can call myself that yet). We will find out firsthand, but wait, will it be firsthand for you too or secondhand? Either way, we will receive the same information to help determine if it is all worth it. My worth will be defined as I venture into the world of Affiliate Marketing.


    Let’s Get A Little Personal


    I didn’t just wake up one morning and say I would like to start a blog today. I can say though, I thought about having my own business many times over the years, but a blog nope never did think to do one. Even the Affiliate Marketing aspect of this was not this yearning that overtook me as something I had to do. But here we are. I can definitely assert that there were two main life-changing components that brought me to this point. The first one, I found myself unemployed scared and unprepared. The second one, I found out through my quest to find employment I could help people who could be currently in the same or similar situation.


    Unemployed in this economy, your personal worth will take a hit even if it is short-lived. We won’t even talk about how much more difficult it would be to find employment say if our skill set was not being sought after (definitely my situation), which also inspired me to explore other avenues like Affiliate Marketing. Maybe you are not unemployed like I found myself to be, but you are older, retired and barely making ends meet, truth be told the majority of us really can’t retire and make ends meet without supplementing the retirement income.


    Unemployment benefits will surely make you desperate for a job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Employment Development Department in California pays only about 60% of your average weekly earnings. Maybe you were laid off from work (this can be weeks, months and sometimes a year or two), all are similar and can truly make life very uncomfortable for anyone that finds themselves in either of those situations. It is scary to think there is a possibility that you or I could be without what we need to live off of and to just survive.


    My Education


    I believed like many of us do, that education will keep us in the game and for many winning the game because it is important. When I graduated and I received my bachelor’s degree in 2016 and I had already been in my last job for three years. After earning my degree my last employer promoted me right away and I held that promoted position for two and one-half years or until three days before Christmas 12/22/2017. I will never forget that day, they no longer valued what I brought to the table. I felt worthless. My worth had crashed like the 1929 stock market.


    It is funny how some employers see you as valuable and worthy one minute and the next minute you are of no value and worthless in their eyes. I took it personally and beat myself up pretty bad. After feeling sorry for myself for a couple days I thought okay I will look at being unemployed as a mini vacation and do some things I could never find the time to do. Then it dawned on me, I had not taken a real vacation in about three years because my last vacation (four years ago 2014) was so expensive it was going to take me years to get out of the red with my credit cards and try to replenish my savings account to above ground level. I knew this and my plan was to continue working, stall on taking any future vacations until I replenish the funds in my savings and pay down credit cards. What I didn’t plan on was being unemployed. Unemployment benefits definitely didn’t allow me to save anything at all.


    My Revelation


    Still, I had no job and the question haunted me, “what was I going to do?” No one was hiring, interview after interview and rejection after rejection. There were all kinds of reasons why I was not being hired, I just couldn’t wait until someone or a company to decide if I was a fit or not. It was at this moment in thought that my worth was defined. Looking for ways to increase my value and ways to stay relevant, the search was on. I knew I wanted to look for ways to gain some kind of revenue, income, cash and or a paycheck that would reflect not only my efforts and true worth but would also give me a platform that would allow me to share with others. A platform to share my precarious, but the very optimistic journey toward my worth being defined.  My search efforts brought me to the world of Affiliate Marketing.


    Walk With Me On My Journey


    I would like to present myself in the rawest form that I can through this blog. Hoping to help you and others who find themselves unemployed, laid off, in retirement unable to make ends meet and or just unemployable for whatever reason to not allow those circumstances to define your worth. I want to show you that there is more to you and I than we think.


    We all have a story to tell, although there are many similarities in our story, our stories are still very personal. I believe Affiliate Marketing is the way to create the self-worth and sustained value we need to remain relevant in this economy. Do I know this for sure? I am sure that I don’t know it yet, but I can say with great confidence I am sure that being unemployed, laid off, in retirement and needing to make ends meet and or unemployable for whatever reason is not a comfortable place to be. We can discover together if Affiliate Marketing has a platform to showcase our value. I want to invite you and others to walk with me to discover this possibility. Let’s see for ourselves. Come with me!


    My Goals For This Site/Blog


    My goals for the “My Worth Defined” blog is to inspire you and others to not allow difficult circumstances to define your worth. Inspire you and others to realize that our worth and our value is better in our own hands than in the hands of others. I want to show how by taking this focused attention to my own worth and value led me to what I believe could be a promising new path in life and very possible for you too. I will use this platform to share with you and others as I dive into the world of Affiliate Marketing.


    I believe (don’t know for sure yet), that we have a chance to earn a living on our own terms through Affiliate Marketing and my goal is to prove this for myself as well as for others. Let’s see together if Affiliate Marketing is a fit for us!


    Walk with me through this venture of discovery. Ask me questions in the box below, so I can ask questions and get answers. Let me know your opinions and your comments in the box below. Thanks for visiting and reading my story.

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, GO!

    All the best,




    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. Great Post! I think that your attitude is great. Most people refuse to admit that they are still learning and don’t know everything. You have set yourself up to learn a lot! This has really mad me think about the state of the world and more specifically my country.

        The economic climate has become more turbulent and people need an honest way to earn a living without selling their souls! I think that opportunities like Wealthy Affiliate are like a life boat for us “normal” every day folk.

        • Thank you Renton for your gracious compliment! My attitude is from being hopeful about my direction, and the decision to share my experience with others who might find themselves in a similar situation (unemployed and or trying to make ends meet). At this point I am definitely a beginner with a great deal of learning to do. My hope is to show and inspire, even though I have no experience, and currently unemployed, that Affiliate Marketing may be a positive solution. I’m choosing Wealthy Affiliate to help assist with this hypothesis and by sharing with others will show that if I can do it, then they could too.

          Thank you for visiting!

          All the best,


      2. Hey Dwilli.  As someone who is perhaps a little more seasoned in this area with over 4 years of experience behind my belt with affiliate marketing, your content and writing style is amazing.   It’s engaging, conversational and it flows.  Content is key with this thing so you’ve already mastered  something that can take years to learn.  Keep that raw honesty too.  That’s how you’ll  attract an audience because you’ll gain trust.  Sounds like you’ve been through some tough times.  Although it may not seem like it the positive that you can take from it all is that it has led you to affiliate marketing.  I’m not saying it’s easy, because it takes a lot of learning, hard work and persistence.  But I suspect you’re going to shine at this so keep up the great work and keep looking forward.  All the best, Rachael 

        • Thank you so much Ms. Rachael,

          Your kind words and inspiring encouragement tells me I may be doing what I am supposed to be doing. Coming from an experienced Affiliate Marketer such as yourself, it’s an honor! My content is from a true depiction and the writing style (thank you for your compliment) I wish I could say it’s from this well known school for writing, but it isn’t. I am just trying to share in a way that it is relatable, understandable, and hopeful. Your observation of me was spot on (tough times) and your advice resonated, so I wrote them down! My hope is to share my journey and in doing so, give hope to others who may be in a similar position. I hope by sharing my journey with Wealthy Affiliate will inspire people to move in a positive direction from any negative position that they might be in. I’m choosing Affiliate Marketing as an industry of interest and hoping Wealthy Affiliate can help me and others feel comfortable with that decision. My experience in the field of Affiliate Marketing is still very green at this stage, but I am very interested in the possibilities.

          There is a destination, but the journey has to be a focal point, this allows for notes to be taken.

          Thanks again Ms. Rachael,

          All the best,


      3. Hi Dwilli, Love your website and post. I would love to be able to express myself as well as you do.
        Thank you for your inspiration.
        Working on my website now. Iv’e been here on WA for a couple of weeks.

        • Hello Ms. Sylvia,

          Thank you so much for visiting!

          I am pleased that you were pleased with my website and post.
          Thank you for your kind words and compliments!

          In reference to your comment on my ability to express myself well and you’d like to also.

          I am certain with more training at WA, you’ll feel more comfortable too and be able to write until your heart is content (no pun intended)! I still have a great deal to learn.

          The training I received at Wealthy Affiliate within the Bootcamp program helped me to feel comfortable about writing.

          It was explained to write like I was talking to a good friend (I’m not a writer), but I can write down my sincere thoughts and feelings. The Bootcamp training helped me to do that and also Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteContent tool-assisted as well by making sure spelling and grammar were correct.

          All the best success to you at Wealthy Affiliate!

          For me, it has been an exciting challenge, so far, so good!


      4. Love that you are personable and straigt forward, it is nice to have to read something from someone who has very little experience with IM, as reading about internet marketing ‘gurus’ no longer get my attention. Your about you post – pulls my heart stings because I can relate to how my own self worth went low due to my losing my job of nearly ten years of my life and skills. I cannot wait to see how much more you have learned with WA and the continuation of your story.

        • Hello,

          Thank you for visiting and reading!
          Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated! Expressing myself in the rawest form of honesty brings about the personable and straightforwardness.

          My quest to become an affiliate marketer is definitely in the infant stages and I am looking forward to discovering the possibilities. The gurus you mentioned are of many and it is very difficult to determine who is real or not (I have had my fair share of the awful ones), doing our due diligence will always put us in a better position to succeed and not falling for the hype will help too! Unemployment can push us in some opportunistic daunting situations sometimes, so it is important to do our due diligence so we won’t be taken advantage of. I’m hoping that my venture toward discovery in the Affiliate Marketing industry proves to be a rewarding one!

          Thanks for stopping by, you’re welcome back anytime!


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