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    As an Affiliate Marketer, the promotion of products and services will be one of the most important aspects of Affiliate Marketing. Learning how to write reviews is a must! It is very important to learn how to convey your brand to targeted audiences.





    Lesson 9 – Bootcamp Phase 1:


    Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews


    The focus in this lesson and training had much to do with continuing to write quality content. Quality content in reference to the review of products and services. As an Affiliate Marketer, the promotion of products and services will be one of the most important aspects of Affiliate Marketing, so writing reviews will be very important we are trained on how to write reviews. This training explains that target audiences utilize the internet when looking for information. As an Affiliate Marketer, this is great news because we want to help the target audience find what they are looking for.


    Creating reviews is one way of helping them find what they seek. The best way to assist and help is to also utilize the internet as the gateway to information and the best way to deliver quality content in the form of reviews.  If we are able to deliver good quality content reviews, we can influence target audiences to our business. We will give ourselves a chance to effectively change window shoppers to actual buyers.


    In this lesson/training the SiteContent editor’s brilliance was again on display, this writing tool makes writing easy (first introduced in Lesson7). To write a proper and great review, our content has to have some core principles incorporated into it.


    C. I. A. O.


    Are the acronyms to 4 principles that need to exist in the content of all properly constructed reviews. Our content needs to be Captivating, Informative, Accurate, and Opinionated from the title to the conclusion of the review. Think about it, if we ever have read anything that had those 4 principles in its content, we definitely kept reading, so this makes perfect sense. This lesson was very clear about how we should construct reviews.


    1. Captivating.


    This area of our review, the content needs to capture the interest of our audience. To be “captivating” we need to write as though we are writing to a friend, telling them all about the product or service. Tell our friend all about what’s good or what’s bad, how it might help or hurt, and how they might benefit in life with it or they may be better without it.


    2. Informative.


    This area makes total sense. It stresses that if we are not going to provide target audiences with a decent amount of information to help them make a decision about whether to buy or not, then there is a chance they will leave our site altogether. Lost customer equals lost revenue, simple. To be able to present an informative review will build a sense of comfortability to our target audiences. It creates a certain level of trust with what we are saying and in turn, helps the target audience make an informed decision to buy or not.


    ==>==>VISIT==> My review, the training recommends a minimum of 1,000 words for every review post we create on our site. Write until we feel we are creating an in-depth informed experience for our visitor.


    3. Accurate.


    This area of our review should be accurate to the best of your knowledge. We have to present our reviews with the hard truth, not unfounded information. We are asked to research for facts and information about the promoted product or service. Remember the internet is the perfect source to research on. Some recommendations:

    Researching it on the product website or sales channels.


    Your own product experience (if you have tried it).


    Forums and online discussion platforms. Youtube, Vimeo, and other video platforms. Through other bloggers and industry authority websites. Communicating directly with others that have tried it.


    The great thing about finding the accuracy of a product or service is that there are tons of great resources that could help us with the facts.


    4. Opinionated.


    In this area of our review, our opinion matters, our brand depends on it. We are working to become a source of information online and through time and effort, we are working to become an industry expert. We need to feel confident when we give target audiences our opinionated information, especially if we are presenting our review with factual information. If we promote a product or service and feel good or bad about it, we need to express it. The content should be delivered in the same way we would email a friend telling them about a product or service that they should try or not try. We need to be opinionated, it will make our reviews much more interesting to read and will lead to much better results.


    I think it is safe to say that keywords again will come into play when creating content for reviews as well. People want to know how well or bad something is and will ask online about that service or product. We can easily see how good keywords can help lead to good content, good ranking and ultimately lead to target audiences coming to our site to read our review.


    In order to present quality content for a proper review, a high level of due diligence must exist.


    We learned that we would have to make some comparisons, research other opinions, find out what people might be saying, talk to others with firsthand experience, and search for authorities on the subject. Find Youtube videos and Vimeo, bloggers and expert sites, and the internet will provide us with where to look. I am convinced that the research would not be difficult at all, there is more than enough info out there on the World Wide Web. The SiteContent editor will help us put it all together.



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      1. I’m in affiliate marketing for the past two three months. This article was a really informative and learning one for me. Especially I love your concept of C.I.A.O. It is really easy to remember and an useful one to remember. I’m going to follow the C.I.A.O rule from now on. 

        Thank you for sharing this with us.

        • Hi Sujandar,

          Thank you for visiting and reading! I am pleased to know you found the article to be informative and that you were able to learn something from it. My goal is to share my affiliate training experiences at Wealthy Affiliate with you and others. The C.I.A.O. concepts are easy step by step instructions offered in Lesson 9 – Phase 1 of Bootcamp at Wealthy Affiliate. This concept and lesson taught me the importance  of those 4 principles when it comes to connecting with the targeted audience.

          When doing your reviews, I believe you will find the C.I.A.O. concept very helpful.


      2. Yes, Dwilli, 

        I totally agree with you,

        A high level of diligence is important to have when it comes to affiliate marketing. It can be done without creating a site, but this means visitors come and go and you do not have repeat purchases.

        When you create a site for affiliate marketing and also edit, market and track it, you are in for the long haul and also will have a loyal river of visitors coming to buy from you again and again. I have used this model since being a WA member and it definitely works!

        To Your Success,


        • Hello Stella,

          Thanks for visiting and reading. As a newbie myself in this affiliate marketing industry training at Wealthy Affiliate, it is always nice to run into a seasoned Wealthy Affiliate member. There are over 500,000 Wealthy Affiliate members, so when I have the opportunity to get advice form any of you, it is another added benefit.

          Your validation of the training at Wealthy Affiliate and its importance to affiliate marketing is greatly appreciated!

          Thank you,


      3. Hi and thanks for the great lesson again. I’m right now in the process of writing a review. I checked the product online in every possible media I could find.

        Often and this is the case here there are only sites or videos or posts available that want to sell the product so it is rather hard to get a real objective picture.

        Luckily I could test the electronic software product for free so I could make my own experience of what I write about. It took me a lot of time though.

        I like C:I:A:O:, this is the way to go. My reviews are quite opinionated after having shared the facts I found out about the product.

        • Hi Stefan,

          Thanks for visiting!

          Going over a lesson again is like seeing the same movie over again, you will almost always see or get something you didn’t the first time you saw it.

          The training helped me to realize the importance of creating thorough detailed and informative reviews. Learning techniques and methods on how to accomplish that is huge and is an important aspect of affiliate marketing. C.I.A.O. concept/technique just makes sense! Wealthy Affiliate indicates you don’t have to be a writer and I think it is because they teach you how to become one.

          Wealthy Affiliate, so far, so good!

          All the best,


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