Affiliate Marketing:Targeted Keywords & Audiences

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    It is key that an Affiliate Marketer uses targeted keywords that HELP their Targeted audiences.


    Our last lesson focused on “How to use Affiliate Links Properly”. (An Affiliate link is what tells the company (via the affiliate program) that we are the affiliate that referred the person to their website). Now onward!


    Lesson 3 of Bootcamp Phase 2:

    Understanding Keywords & A Day of Selling 

    This lesson was very educational in terms of understanding the importance of keywords vs quality content. So, we know “keyword(s), is a word or a phrase that someone types into a search engine” (lesson 8 of Phase 1 Bootcamp). We also know that people use words or phrases to find things they are looking for online. The census states that there is a big problem with how affiliate marketers, bloggers, and other marketing professionals are people who emphasize too much on the exact keyword phrases when writing their content instead of quality content that could help people who are looking for help.


    Keyword Stuffing

    Keyword Stuffing is the name they call it. The keyword concept is an interesting one. Whatever it is we may be passionate about, if we can write about it and use the words/phrases people type into a search engine like Google and Yahoo, we can be found online by the people who are looking. It is said that if you ever read something online and maybe it didn’t make much sense, it could be that the content was stuffed with keywords. Instead of creating quality content to a target audience who is looking for help online, they get keyword stuffed literature which will not be helpful at all, not one bit. To have content keyword stuffed is not targeting an audience, its targeting keywords. Keywords should influence, maybe even sway, but never forced on the target audience.


    Google.com and the Alphabet Soup Techniques

    Also covered within this lesson at Wealthy Affiliate is the utilization and training on how to leverage (using influence to achieve the desired result) a “target audience” using Google.com and the Alphabet Soup techniques (bowl and spoon not included) pun intended.

    A “target audience” who are looking for information on “how to sell” something a particular product or many different ones within Google search engine and there are 1,000’s of potential keywords that can be leveraged and used for the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate within this audience and many other different audiences.


    Example below:

    Someone types into Google search engine the Alphabet Soup technique is performed based on what was typed or what they are looking for: (I found it fairly helpful to perform this technique in real-time, online myself) it helped me to process the technique better (I’m kinesthetic, remember!)

    The lesson indicated that if someone types into the search engine “how to sell” we get the below or something close to it:


    Now it is indicated if we type in the Google search engine: “how to sell” and add the letter “a”. we will get the below or something close to it:



    Another example:

    this time we type in the search engine, “how to sell” and add the letter “b” instead of the letter “a”, we should get something similar to what’s below :



    And so on, using each letter in the alphabet based on anything we put in the Google search engine. This technique can be used to find tons of keywords and phrases, tons of concepts and ideas (using this technique nobody can say “I’m stuck, I don’t have any ideas”). Using the Google.com search engine and attach or adapt the Alphabet Soup technique in conjunction the two would allow us to use it toward any “Niche” (a group of people looking for something specific) that we may possibly come up with.


    More examples:

    In the example below “money making” was typed into the search engine. So, our “target audience” are people looking for “money making”. 10 new keyword Phrases related to “money making” online using the Google.com appeared: (New ideas and concepts appear too!)



    Now that we have our 10 new keyword phases and new ideas and concepts. If we add the Alphabet Soup technique to the above Google.com search, by adding the letter “a” after the phrase money-making.” We get a whole new set of 10 keywords/phrases as seen below:



    This time we added the letter “b” after the phrase money-making.” we get the below:


    The Google.com and Alphabet Soup Techniques are pretty cool tools! Great for conjuring up new ideas and concepts. A clear way to develop lists of keywords and phrases to use at different times of creating and when quality content for our website is a must to have. I can clearly see the value of this technique.


    In Conclusion

    This training at Wealthy Affiliate in their Bootcamp Affiliate Program provided a very insightful, useful, helpful, and very relevant tool/technique to find tons of keywords, keyword phrases, to help develop ideas and concepts. We are to remember that the techniques, tools, ideas, and concept are used to help target audiences find what they are looking for. We are to be of service to them. We should be on notice that “keyword stuffing” or “keyword stuffed” content will not help anyone. Our content should be natural flowing and human-friendly, written for a target audience, and not written for targeting keywords. People like to read engaging, helpful and informative information. So let’s give our targeted audience what will help them!


    NEXT: Lesson 4 of Bootcamp Phase 2: Creating Reviews & Using Targeted Keywords


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      1. I gotta say, if you practice as well as you convey it, then you can move mountains. Very nice presentation, you have all the pertinent information here. I have done a bit of research on the topic myself and I must say, you are spot on. Easy to follow, even if you are a complete newbie and know nothing about the topic. If I had only happened upon this before I had gotten involved in online site building and learning about keywords and their usage, I would be a lot further ahead than I am now. Keep up the great work, thank you for the wonderfully written article. 

        • Hello, Free4life

          Thank you so much for visiting and reading my article!

          Thank you for your encouragement and your compliments are much appreciated!

          But, I really cannot take all the credit. Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive, step by step instructions within their Bootcamp training program has me learning in leaps and bounds. As a beginning newbie, it is important to feel like we can do it and so far at this stage in my training, I am feeling more and more confident.

          Affiliate Marketing is a very interesting industry and one of the most effective ways of connecting with and helping people.

          Wealthy Affiliate’s training has provided me with what I think is one of the best gateways and or platforms that allows me the opportunity to help people. This is what I want to do more than anything. I want others who may find themselves in my situation (unemployed), or maybe retired and need extra money to make ends meet, show that if Wealthy Affiliate can help me to see that unemployment is not the end all. Others can and will know Wealthy Affiliate will be of the same service for them too!

          Thanks again for stopping by!


      2. This really took me back to the basics. Helped to remind me that taking these simple steps can lead to great success. I almost completely forgot about alphabet soup and have been pretty stuck lately, hopefully this lovely reminder can help me get back on track. I appreciate this article and its simple but value information.

        • Hello Alisha,

          Thanks for visiting and reading my article! I am pleased you found it helpful.

          Yes, the Alphabet Soup technique in conjunction with the Google.com method are great combo tools that have proved to me to be very valuable with my keyword(s) and idea searches.

          As a beginner myself, those tools are priceless as with the many others tools/techniques within Wealthy Affiliate’s training platforms.

          Thanks for stopping by!


      3. I fully agree with you Dwilli that the trainings available at Wealthy Affiliate are very helpful and informative for newbies who are coming to the online world hoping to earn through affiliate marketing. It is very important to understand the utility of a good keyword stuffing plan if you want to rank your posts high in Google and the boot camp training on the same of Wealthy affiliate is very good. I have heard that there they explain how to intelligently write contents that is free flowing and user friendly rather than following the simple formula of 0.5% presence of the keywords in your article. I also want to be a member soon but I am not getting a proper answer to my question. Can you please help? Is the monthly fees enough to use all the features or it is that there are many up sells also there like other programs.

        • Hello

          Thank you for reading my article! I want also thank you for validating Wealthy affiliate’s comprehensive training. I am a beginner to affiliate marketing and to Wealthy Affiliate and it is great to get validation for my decision to try Wealthy Affiliate to help me get started in the industry.

          To answer your question: 1st remember I am also a newbie with Wealthy Affiliate. I got started with Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and I was exposed several hundred Wealthy Affiliate members that ranges from experts to newbies such as myself. Also, for my FREE membership I was able to receive training with the successful creation of my website as well as other valuable resources, knowledge, and training. I believe as a STARTER, you will have access to whatever you’ll need to get started for a online business. My honest opinion based on what I learned in the training there can’t be an “up-sell” situation. Wealthy Affiliate has a “try it first” culture, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.So, you’ll have access to everything to obtain what you’ll need.

          Thanks for visiting, stop by anytime!


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