Affiliate Marketing Training: Is Wealthy Affiliate the Answer?

Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


    The Affiliate Marketing training program with Wealthy Affiliate has brought us here, where the goal of becoming an Affiliate Marketer remains.

    Lesson 10Bootcamp Phase 1:

    The Journey has Begun: (Re-cap from the beginning)


    What an accomplishment! Lessons and Training 1 – 9 has been enlightening and it is our very own testament.

    We got started (lesson 1).




    We added Affiliate Goals to the Community discussion board and was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate.


    We chose a direction (lesson 2).



    Wealthy Affiliate Program Walk-through video.


    The Target Audiences Tutorial choosing a direction regarding Brands/Niches.


    We were trained in how to use tools to build a website (lesson 3). 



    The video “Build Your Website in 30 Seconds”. The introduction to the SiteRubix SiteBuilder within Wealthy Affiliate.



    We trained in the back office operations and navigating the website (lesson 4).

     The video “Setting Up Your Back Office”


    We trained on even more of the back office operations of the website (lesson 5).


    The video “Understanding & Activating Your Plugins”. Two pre-installed plugins.

    The EWWW Image Optimizer plugin and the All in One SEO plugin.



    We began learning and training on how to get the website SEO ready (lesson 6).




    SEO are acronyms: Introducing Search Engine Optimization. The video “Setting Up Your Website For Search Engines”.



    We began to learn and train about quality content and what is needed initially (lesson 7).


    The video “Creating the Initial Framework of Content”. All in One SEO plugin and the “SiteContent” editor -platform.


    The creation of custom menus and the use of “widgets”.


    We trained on the importance of keywords and how to research for them (lesson 8).





    Keyword research, writing quality content and getting it ranked.





    We were brought to one of the most, if not the most (considered by many in the industry) important aspect of affiliate marketing and that is the ability to create a review (lesson 9). 



    The focus in this lesson and training had much to do with continuing to write quality content. Quality content in reference to the review of products and services. As an Affiliate Marketer, the promotion of products and services will be one of the most important aspects of Affiliate Marketing, so writing reviews will be very important to learn how to do.


    ==>==>VISIT ==> My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018


    We have made tremendous progress, not bad for some newbies, someone with no experience. We have an effective appearing website, we are still upright, we are still vertical, we’re alive and well and this completes Lessons 1-10 of Phase 1 Bootcamp Training! (lesson 10 was just congrats!) It was AWESOME! I got a sense of accomplishment.


    How about you?


    Do you think the possibilities are worth going to Phase 2 of Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp training?


    Leave a few comments and let me know your opinions in the box below. If you have any questions about any part of my blog or the training, put them in the box below. I will address all your questions and engage in your dialogues. It will be a win-win situation!


    Walk with me through this venture of discovery! (Start from the beginning)

    Thanks for visiting and reading my story.

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

    All the best,




    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. absolutely yes. It is the answer if someone one to make money online from anywhere in the whole world, there is no better platform then Wealthy Affiliate. In my humble opinion is one of the best decision I have ever made in my entire life! Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools and training that you need in order to become successful and have a very profitable online business.

        There’s is also a huge community with WA that are willing to help you out if ever need it!

        • Thanks so much for visiting!

          It is great to have someone such as yourself who is also a Wealthy Affiliate member validate that I am in the right place to learn about affiliate marketing. Even more important the validation is shared with others!  My training is progressing fairly smoothly and that is a testament to Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive and step by step training instructions. The wealth of support displayed by the Wealthy Affiliate members/community is unparalleled to anything I have ever been a witness to, the encouragement has created an environment for success.

          I am truly grateful for the possibilities and for the great platform to share my training experiences with others!

          Thank you for sharing!


      2. Love you WA review. You seem to describe the program perfectly, I really enjoyed reading what you have to say about wonderful affiliate training program. It seems to be one of the best programs out there in terms of starting your own online business. Your review has covered everything that this program offers. Thank you for your great review.

        • Thank you, and I am pleased that you were pleased with my article!

          My description of the program is an testament to Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive, step by step approach to their training. So far within the training, my experience has being nothing short of amazing! At this stage of my training, Wealthy Affiliate has re-enforced my belief of the possibilities within the industry of affiliate marketing. Being able to share my training experiences good, bad and or indifferent with others on a platform offered by Wealthy Affiliate has been unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I look forward to upcoming lessons and sharing my experiences! Wealthy Affiliate, so far, so good! (My quest to discovery, from the beginning)

          Thanks for visiting!


      3. Hello Dwilli. Another informative post about Wealthy Affiliate. After I finished reading your last post you convinced me and I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Ath the moment I just started my training, learning about keywords, niches and building my first website.

        So far I really like it, people are great and what really makes me happy is the training that lies ahead and that you described in this post. I can not wait to get more knowledge and build my website.


        • Thank you again Strahinja for visiting my site!

          At this point or stage of my training with Wealthy Affiliate I have only good things to say, so far so good! The informative information I am able to share is a testament to Wealthy Affiliate’s training. I am please to know you have become a member with Wealthy Affiliate. In my most honest opinion I believe we both will have a chance at success with Wealthy Affiliate at the helm. The training is comprehensive with step by step instructions that gives us tools to work with. The support from the community of Wealthy Affiliate Members creates an environment for success and someone is always available to answer a question 24/7 – 365 days a year! Now that’s what I call support!

          As I embark on and complete the lessons, I too, am excited about the upcoming lessons. Being able to share my training experience on a platform like this one is a benefit in itself. The website building was a lesson I was most intrigued with and amazed at the same time. I believe you will find it interesting as well. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the tools to build with and the confidence to go along with it!.

          All the best,


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