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    As an Affiliate Marketer, you will need to master product reviews.  You will need to create the perfect product review and if you can do that regularly, you will master the conversion process.

    People want to read honest, detailed and informative product reviews before they buy anything. In this training, we will learn the process of creating a quality review. Wealthy Affiliate will be our service/product that we are choosing to conduct our review on.


    In our last training: Lesson 3 of Bootcamp Phase 2 focused a great deal on understanding the importance of keywords vs quality content, keyword research, techniques, and tools.


    Lesson 4 of Bootcamp Phase 2

    Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords

    In this training, it is expressed that Product/Service Reviews are definitely important aspects of affiliate marketing. The traffic (people) that we create reviews for and if done thoughtfully will allow us the ability to monetize (help that traffic decide to buy or not).


    Looking closer at this lesson, it appeared to me to be an extension or carryover from (Lesson 3 of Bootcamp Phase 2). But with the focus being more specific, meaning not just specific to keywords like lesson 3, but on keywords specific to the reviews. More like focusing on what targeted audiences might type in the search engines when they are looking for more information on a product or service. Most targeted audiences are looking for something that will help them make a decision about that product. So in order to be helpful to our targeted audiences, we need to create reviews, lots of them!  It is explained that the reviews can be about services, products, comparisons, scams, recommendations,  to just mention a few of many ideas.


    Review Templates

    If it is said that affiliate marketers must create “many reviews” as a major function of their business, then I would definitely be in agreement with the great idea per this lesson and training to create “REVIEW TEMPLATES”

    The many reviews that we will create over time as we train toward becoming an affiliate marketer, the template will assist with ideas and it would help with things we don’t necessarily have to think about, we can just fill in the blanks basically. This way the focus can be on the different products and what makes them different and add that to the review we produce.


    More Creating

    It is recommended that we create a spreadsheet, creating a way to keep track of all of the reviews we will be producing (we’ll visit that creation shortly). Anything really that can help with being and staying organized gets my vote!

    In this lesson the training involves us creating a Wealthy Affiliate review. Ironically, I had already created a Wealthy Affiliate Review earlier in the training (Lesson 9 of Bootcamp Phase 1). I didn’t use this lesson’s format because I was not trained yet on how to, I hadn’t reached this lesson to be able to do a properly constructed review yet. However, the review that was created was a depiction based on where I was in my training.


    Now that I/we are here in the training we will create another review that will reflect the training in this lesson, and  will also reflect the below:


    Be involved with our reviews and as complete as possible covering all that could be within an assessment of a product or service.


    Within our reviews, there should be an indication that directs to our #1 recommendations or toward a product or service that we deem as a #1 ranking.


    What we want to do is ultimately help people find what they are looking for by helping them make a decision about a product or service.




    Our training with Wealthy Affiliate and utilizing them as our product review subject, ultimately as our training permits and we are able to grow through the training processes, we want to make Wealthy Affiliate our top product. So if we are recommending Wealthy Affiliate in our reviews we have to know that they are worthy of our recommendation. If they are not, that too will be our recommendation. Our recommendations should reflect in our reviews. We should want to help people, help them know the legitimacy of a service or product. That’s how we help! We will help people see if Wealthy Affiliate is worth recommending from our firsthand perspective (good, bad or indifferent). Will Wealthy Affiliate make the cut?



    =>START=> YOUR=> ==>JOURNEY=>



    We will do our research

    There are tons of people searching for ways to make money online (true, this is how we got here). But, people really don’t know where to look. This lesson/training indicates that typically a search will start off with something broad in nature (like, how to make money online) and then as they progress with their research, they are going to gain more product knowledge/awareness.


    Familiar scenario

    We have all searched online for products and services and the result will almost always be a recommendation of “service/product _a”.  Honestly speaking as a consumer do we normally accept that recommendation without at least looking at “service/product _b”? The answer is “not usually”, we at least look at one or two more similar services/products to make comparisons.


    Then the question becomes what are some of the searches performed within Google based on the scenario?




    It is explained in this lesson that we would replace “service/product_a” with the name of our product, and we will have other product-related keywords that we could use for other activities, designs or results. Also as it was mentioned before, our content inside our reviews will be included in Google’s ranking process. The word  “ranking” is considered Google’s way of measuring the importance of our websites. We could also have things like “service/product_ a complaints” and “service/product_a training”  as sub-categories within the reviews we create.


    The above examples lend itself to also consider the tools/techniques of  “Google.com” which allows us to get the top 10 search results based on whatever keyword(s) we use to search with. If we add the Alphabet Soup Technique (lesson 3 of phase 2 Bootcamp) to those results we will find even more ideas that we can think about using.


    Create a template for our reviews

    The template will be utilized as a guide for our future reviews. Having a formalized review will allow us to be more productive and consistent when creating our reviews. This can lead to conversions (customers who buy).


    Review Style:


    It is not necessary to have the exact wording to our reviews, that’s why it may be a good idea to have several templates. There are new topics, new products, services or categories that can be added to our reviews when we need to be specific. Flexibility is recommended because we want to appease our targeted audiences, it’s about helping them. The more helpful our reviews are, the more our targeted audiences will take specific actions.



    The name of our product




    Finalize the review with our recommendation


    Create a spreadsheet with all of our reviews, links etc

    As mentioned earlier in this article, it is recommended that we create a spreadsheet. Creating a spreadsheet will allow us to manage our reviews. It is recommended that we use Google Spreadsheets (free and web-based), but Microsoft Excel is okay too. The creation of a spreadsheet will not only help us to organize our reviews, but it will also allow us quick access to our content we previously created for our reviews. We can add to our spreadsheet what products we’ve ranked, we can structure it to allow us to easily sort through our reviews. We can also with all the affiliate links we hope to have in our future, make our spreadsheets be a place where we can manage all of our links.


    Suggested columns to use & example spreadsheet

    Product Name
    Website URL
    Review Page URL
    Additional Detail 1
    Additional Detail 2
    Affiliate Link
    Affiliate Login Username
    Affiliate Login Password


    Example Spreadsheet:

    Write a product review

    As we stated earlier, we have chosen Wealthy Affiliate as our review subject as we research if we can recommend them or not. Now that we are here together in our training with Wealthy Affiliate, another review was created based on the training from (Wealthy Affiliate’s Review of Bootcamp Phase 1 and 2). Utilizing what we’ve been trained on in terms of how a review should be created.


    Also recommended by this training, we need to make sure we collect affiliate links because we will be creating various product reviews over time. This will lead to additional revenue, making sure we collect all monies due from being an affiliate promoting products and services.


    To find some more reviews, a few great resources (good databases of products and product information) from the list below:






    When doing reviews, we owe it to our readers to offer our honest opinions, offer comprehensive and thorough reviews of products or services.


    We have reached the conclusion of this lesson: NEXT: Lesson 5 of Bootcamp Phase 2


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    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. I have too say, I really appreciate the cleanliness of your site. I know the article is about reviews, but I am in awe of how tidy your site is. I have seen numerous sites that are all cluttered with ads and banners and it is too busy, draws away from what you are trying to do. You know what i mean? 

        Anyway, to the review process, you are absolutely right to suggest using several different templates for doing your review process. It isn’t a one size fits all situation. But it is excellent advice to use a template as a guide to cover the info that the consumer will want to know. Very nicely done, you are a very talented blogger. I will be revisiting your site. Thank you so much for the clear, concise and non-cluttered article. 

        • Hello,

          Thank you so much for your time!

          Your kind words are much appreciated! To address your compliment on my site, I’d like to say thank you. My site’s appearance is important, straightforward, and neat to the best of my ability. I’d like my site to be inviting first of all, but more importantly, I want the content on it to be clear and informative.

          I can’t take all the credit for my site’s appearance and the content I was able to provide. The training I received at Wealthy Affiliate in their Bootcamp Program has taught and assisted me with creating and designing my website. The content in my article, I am sharing what I was trained on and that’s how to create the perfect review.

          As a beginner in the industry of affiliate marketing, it is very important to be able to create great reviews. If I plan on earning in the industry, creating reviews is a must!

          Sharing the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate on the creation of reviews is a testament of what I’ve learned.

          Creating templates will be very helpful and can also help to stay organized with the many reviews that will eventually be created as an affiliate marketer. Using templates as a checklist of sorts can also assure that all the important aspects of a review are included.

          As a blogger (beginner, no experience, no writing background), it’s simple, I just want to share my training experience at Wealthy Affiliate and eventually show that if I can earn and create a successful online business with their assistance others can too!

          That’s my ultimate goal!

          I am appreciative that you were pleased with my site and its content.

          You are welcome back anytime!


      2. Nice and great post, when I started out on WA I have this clueless way of writing reviews,someimes I don’t have the right phrases to attract audience for those products and trust me back then it was really challenging untill I came across posts that I learnt from. Your post was nice and I gained something tangible about product reviews. 

        • Hello Clement,

          Thank you for stopping by and reading my article!

          I’m pleased you were able to get something useful from my article and was able to see its importance.

          As a newbie myself who is  training and learning at Wealthy Affiliate the useful concepts for writing reviews, I am amazed by what I’ve learned in such a short amount of time.

          So far, I am looking forward  to each new lesson. My ultimate goal is to eventually have a successful online business in the industry of affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to see the possibilities of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. I have to be able to create great reviews.

          Thanks to the training at Wealthy Affiliate, I know what the perfect review consists of.

          So I wanted to share what my training on this subject of what you will need to create the perfect review.

          Thank you for visiting, welcome to come back anytime!


      3. I agree about templates. I too have found that having a template saves a lot of time and work, because when you start a new review, it is basically laid out already, and you just have to fill in the unique information about whatever you are reviewing at the time. 

        Do you have any suggestions on how to decide what to review?

        • Hello Danette,

          Yes, not only do templates saves us time and work, but they also can be used as a checklist of sorts, assuring that the coverage of all the important aspects within a review.

          To answer your question, suggestions on how to decide what to review, I would begin with the products and services that you are personally interested in. Then put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and ask yourself questions about what you want to know about that product or service.

          Hope this helps!

          Thanks for stopping by, and you’re welcome back anytime!


      4. I really am very appreciative to have come upon your post as it comes at the exact time that I was needing information and guidance about the most effective way to write a review and also to create a template to do so.  The manner in which you have delineated the important aspects of a fundamentally successful application for an affiliate to dial in a review is most helpful.  Your bullet points you provide about the execution of a successful review and template creation are very useful and I am bookmarking this site as your links in the post are offering all kinds of gold to me as an affiliate marketer.  Thank you for your authentic contribution and helpful content!  If someone such as myself is not too seasoned with spreadsheets, is that something that is easy to comprehend and get a handle on?  Thanks again and all the very best of success and prosperity to you in the New Year!

        • Hello Bex,

          Thanks for reading my article!

          I am very pleased to know that you found the information in my article on Creating the Perfect Review to be helpful and useful. Templates can save you time on the many future reviews that an affiliate marketer will eventually create.

          To answer your question regarding you level of understanding of excel spreadsheets in terms of use. The training I received at Wealthy Affiliate did not go into any extravagant level of comprehension on spreadsheets (nothing specific was necessary). I personally went to https://templates.office.com/ picked out a free template that would accommodate the number of headings/titles I wanted to apply to my spreadsheet and replaced the headings/titles with my own.

          No expert here, no need for one either, just need to organize yourself and the many reviews you create as an affiliate marketer and a spreadsheet is one way of doing that.

          Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime!

          Happy Holidays!


      5. Thanks for this detailed review on how to write reviews. I have to agree with everything you said within youenpost, and you made it very easy to understand.

        I think one of the things that helped me out personally the most, was creating templates for my  reviews so I can write more of them faster.

        Also I’m am member of wa and can testify that there trainingnis top notch.

        So anyone looking to learn how to create a money producing blog should join them.

        • Hello Michael,

          Thanks for visiting and reading my article!

          It is nice to find out a Wealthy Affiliate member has come across one my articles. I see it as validation and a testament that my decision to give Wealthy Affiliate a try might be a good one.

          Sharing with others my training experiences at Wealthy Affiliate is very important, reading that you felt I wrote my article on creating the perfect review easy to understand meant a great deal to me. It states that I am comprehending what’s being taught in the training and I’m able to share what I’ve learned effectively. Especially coming from my beginning and still considered as a newbie with a great deal more to learn and train on.

          I just want others to know the possibilities just as am discovering them by sharing my training experiences.

          Learning how to create a money producing online business/blog is one of my goals and another goal is to share and show if I can do it with Wealthy Affiliate other can do it too!

          Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime!


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