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    This is the day my plan is revealed and the day of my proposal to you. Wealthy Affiliate has a tool to help write content and that’s coming up in this lesson. After lesson 7, we will be all caught up (happy dance)! Lesson 8 we will experience together. First thing first!




    Lesson 7 – Bootcamp Phase 1

    “Your Initial Framework of Content”


    Watching the video in this lesson “Creating the Initial Framework of Content” taught the importance of relevant content, and the importance of communicating with your audience. It also gave me great relief that I did not have to be a writer of novels to accomplish that task. I just need to communicate and connect as I would with a friend or a family member (the comfort level I’m thinking is the important part). It was very pleasing to know that my natural instinct of wanting to help people would be a great benefit. Wanting to help creates a lane to gain the trust that is needed in connecting and communicating with my audience.


    This next great writing tool I discovered in this lesson, all I could say was WOW! I thought the All in One SEO plugin was great, the “SiteContent” editor platform is the BOMB! It allowed me the use of some really great features. The SiteContent editor helps you to become a better writer.


    As a beginner to the industry of Affiliate Marketing, my writing skills I thought would be suspect at best. I guess that’s why you don’t have to be a writer to be an Affiliate Marketer with Wealthy Affiliate. The SiteContent editor platform helps you develop to be a writer. In my opinion, it does everything, it flags grammatically incorrect sentences if there are misspelled words in my content they will be flagged as needing to be corrected. That’s just a couple of very important features. Also, in the SiteContent editor platform, there are writing templates to assist with creating content and content ideas. The templates are set to help structure the content on my “About Me” post, helped place the “Privacy Policy” page on my website with my own Domain info within its content.


    The creation of custom menus (specific to my website) to help structure the content on my website and the use of “widgets” (until now, I had no idea what a widget was). I know now that widgets are many different types of content that can be added to my website, like a “search” bar. The widget allows a visitor to my website to open a section of my site from my home page (that’s my understanding). The SiteContent editor platform has many more features that allowed me to feel totally comfortable about writing. It’s like it sets you free to just write great content and much more. Knowing I will be using this platform to create my content brings being prepared to create to a whole new heightened level.


    My Plan


    Kyle and Carson Co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate have set the Affiliate Marketing training program so well that all we have to do is jump right in and get started.


    My plan is to do a review of Wealthy Affiliate, I would like to find out how user-friendly are Wealthy Affiliate’s training programs? Can Wealthy Affiliate’s training programs actually help a beginner and non-experienced person such as myself (and maybe you too) earn an income and actually make money in the industry of Affiliate Marketing?


    My Aims of the Review are Twofold


    The first will consist of constructing the review in the old fashion way, good old due diligence! My research will take me to product websites, sales channels, forums, and online discussion platforms. I will view Youtube and Vimeo videos. Visiting other blogger’s websites will not be off limits. I will locate industry authority websites that may be helpful with my review. I will search and try to locate and interview other Affiliate Marketers who have or had experience with Wealthy Affiliate training programs. I would like to get their reviews and opinions on how beginner friendly Wealthy Affiliate training programs are when they first began (if they started as a beginner). We have to remember Wealthy Affiliate’s training programs “cater to all levels of experience.”


    The second involves my firsthand personal experience. Being a beginner myself, with absolutely no experience in Affiliate Marketing, I want to chronicle my journey in my blog. What is my proposal to you? I would like you the reader to join me in determining how beginner friendly is Wealthy Affiliate’s training programs. I know I have no experience, so how close will Wealthy Affiliate’s training programs get me to where I can be considered as an Affiliate Marketer in the world of Affiliate Marketing? According to Wealthy Affiliate, their training programs are “for newbies and advanced marketers alike, our focus with all of our training is teaching you how to create a successful, long-term business within the online space”.


    My goal is to create a successful long-term business in Affiliate Marketing.

    I am eager to know if Wealthy Affiliate can help do that for me and maybe for you too!


    We can find out together if Wealthy Affiliate can help us create a platform to earn an income and make money online   (because at this moment, I’m still unemployed). We have a huge opportunity to witness firsthand how helpful or difficult Wealthy Affiliate’s training programs might be for us. I am the beginner, the non-experienced and the newbie to Affiliate Marketing. This will be critical. Our assessment may change lives, yours and mine specifically. If Wealthy Affiliate delivers and we deliver, our work will show that unemployment, being laid off work or being retired trying to make ends meet are not dead ends. Our assessment of Wealthy Affiliate may even benefit their training programs, by improving in areas if need or adding other features to enhance everyone’s experience.


    So, now that we have the plan. Is it a go regarding the proposal?


    My next post I will present my review of Wealthy Affiliate (see “The first” in this blog post). It may take a minute (pun intended) to complete my research, well at least a few days.


    So meantime in between time let me know your thoughts about my proposal? Leave a few comments and let me know your opinions in the box below. If you have any questions about any part of my blog put them in the box below. I will address all your questions and engage in your dialogues. It will be a win-win situation!


    Walk with me through this venture of discovery!

    Thanks for visiting and reading my story. (Read my story from the beginning)

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

    All the best,




    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. Well, for a non writer, I think you are doing pretty well. I read this entire article and found it to be really interesting and absorbing. Wealthy Affiliate training must be helping you more than you know.

        My problem as a full time dance teacher is finding time to build a separate online business and also finding time to go through the training. I think I would move along at a snails pace. How much time would you need each week to do the training as well as set up a website like yours.

        • Thank you Ms. Michel for your kind words on my writing skills!

          Maybe you’re right regarding Wealthy Affiliate’s training and its affect on me. I can truly attest to my confidence in my writing prior to Wealthy Affiliate that it was suspect at best. Their platform for writing and their training is comprehensive and simplistic, and it took the belief of needing to be a prolific writer and threw it out the window.

          To respond to your  question: How much time would you need to do the training as well as set up a website?

          My quest with Wealthy Affiliate began in September 2018, and being unemployed allows me to spend more time on the training than I would probably have if I were to be employed or had such a busy schedule such as yourself. However, the time I spend is outside of the hours I spend searching for employment ( no job yet, unemployment benefits are keeping the lights on). To give an average hours spent weekly, I would say say 25 – 30 hours a week in the past 2 months (with a great sense of accomplishment).

          Not sure if you have that much time with your busy schedule, but slow and easy has won many races and there are many ways to reach the same destination (walk, bike, bus, train, plane).

          Thank you so much for visiting!

          All the best,


      2. I see you enjoy working at Wealthy Affiliate.

         I too in fact. I have used the SiteContent platform for quite some time, wrote over 200’000 words on it 🙂

        I love the free images we can use on our websites without fearing to get fined.

        Today things have changed a bit, I started writing my original text in German my native language. This won’t do in Site content.

        I still add images from there though and also screenshots I make and pass them through SiteContent for compressing them.

        Good luck for your WA review, there’s a lot to write about 🙂

        • Thank you Stefan for visiting!

          200,000 words using the SiteContent platform at Wealthy Affiliate is very impressive. It is obvious Wealthy Affiliate has helped you with your endeavors. My hope is be open to that same possibility. Coming from a background of no experience in Affiliate Marketing, I am amazed at what I have learned thus far and I hope those traveling with me are just as amazed from the training at Wealthy Affiliate. There is still more to discover with Wealthy Affiliate and respectfully, a discovery that leads to income possibilities will be the ultimate discovery.

          I hope we are as fortunate!


      3. Very good post and good info.

        Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform you can have to write your blog, the content you can do there combined with the tools is awesome.

        Also the trainings, the community, it is the best you can find.

        I was not a good writer, but with this I became a very good one.

        I have one recommendation, join it now and you won’t be disappointed!

        Thanks for sharing it!

        • Thank you and it is my pleasure to share!

          It looks like you are familiar with Wealthy Affiliate’s program and pleased with what they have to offer. That’s great, my quest is to develop that same discovery. So far, so good! At this point the training for me has been without any major glitches and the Wealthy Affiliate community is unlike anything I have ever experienced. They are very encouraging and quick to help. One testimony I can share right now regarding Wealthy Affiliate, I agree with your statement about Wealthy Affiliate having the best platform for writing a blog. Without the training I received from them I am certain sharing my experience with others about Wealthy Affiliate would not be possible.

          Thank you for your recommendation!

          All the best,


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