Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


    Confucius is believed to have said it first: “No matter where YOU go, there YOU are.” It is the same with the creation of NEW content for your blog or website! YOU and nobody but YOU are the MAIN SOURCES for content ideas! If YOU yourself are the MAIN SOURCE then YOU carry with YOU tons of new content ideas for your blog or website everywhere YOU go! In our next lesson, we will dig deeper into this revelation.


    Before, We Dig Deeper into the MAIN SOURCE Revelation


    An overview of our last training, Lesson 7 of Phase 2 Boot camp: Enhancing Your Website Experience. We learned the importance of optimizing and organizing our website to create great experiences for readers who visit our sites. The reason is clear, it is because we want our visitors to navigate productively and predictably throughout our website! Now on to the next lesson!


    NEXT: Lesson 8 of Phase 2 Bootcamp

    Building MORE Content using “site elaboration”

    This training started with the indication that we ourselves are the MAIN SOURCES of content ideas. Yes, I know I thought the same thing, we’re what, a source of content ideas? Who me? This is where the training explains what is meant by the accusation and or revelation.


    It is explained this way, every page we create on our website has content. If we go through our existing content on our website we will find a great deal more content ideas. Our existing content is an excellent way to construct more content within our site. Building out pages to further help explain our topics is what we are looking to do. The act of coming up with new content ideas from already existing content is a method, concept, or technique, if I may, is called “site elaboration”


    So how do we come up with these new content ideas from our existing content?


    Well, #1 – we need to scan through our existing website content and pick out ideas for topics that we can write posts and pages on. #2 – We need to scan each post and each page and write down where we found the idea for the topic (what page or post on our website did we find the idea or information) because at some point we will be linking the information to our new page in the future. #3 – when we write the location down, make sure to create a record/file to house the idea/information and its location within the pages of our existing site to be used to interlink those pages going forward.




    Is an example of an article and from that article a new content idea is developed. The existing article “What Is the Single Most Thing that Keeps You From Success Online?” The information in this article is giving you a list of possible answers in the form of questions before the “single most thing” is presented.

    As the example indicates from the above article a whole new article can be written from the question: “Is it the fear of failure” by taking “fear of failure” from the article as another topic to write about.  Even the question below that idea, another idea presents itself as an idea to write an article on, “afraid to try new things”. The main article’s topic and its content can be accompanied by two more “relevant” topic possibilities to add as content that can support the main topic on your website.



    Another example:

    This time using a page/post from my own website:




    The above page from my website is a review I wrote on Wealthy Affiliate a company that offers affiliate marketing training and much more for beginners and advanced marketers. In my review of their services, products, training curriculum, and support systems I was able to give my opinion on the company. I based the review on my own personal firsthand training experiences Phase 1 & 2 Bootcamp (on the lessons I had completed at the time). After scanning the above page from my website, jotting down ideas and recording where I found the idea on the page, I came up with about 5 more content ideas that I could write about from the above original page. The idea is to come up with a “concept” for new content to write.


    Here are the NEW content ideas I came up with:


    Making Money at Wealthy Affiliate

    An Affiliate Program for beginners

    Build a website for free

    Train & Earn online for free

    Benefit with Wealthy Affiliate 


    From the above list, my new content idea “Benefit with Wealthy Affiliate” is what I chose to write an article on. I changed the title a bit (a new idea came to mind), I changed it  to “11 Benefits for Beginners: Affiliate Marketing with WA”

    I am able to write about this topic because of what I discovered when I was offering a review of Wealthy Affiliate. I counted at least 11 benefits a person would experience if they chose Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Training Program to start their affiliate marketing career. The goal is to pick out topic opportunities within our existing content. Elaborate on the new topic in our own words in the form of an article, “site elaboration”.


    Now that we have MORE content ideas


    How do we write out the new content ideas?

    #1 – We write an article on a topic (new idea) we come up with from the existing content. This will allow the ability to leverage the new content from the existing content. When writing newly developed content, break it down into itemized groups or outline, bullet points before writing what we’re going to write about. #2 – write our content in a more natural way, be opinionated and try to engage our audience. The new content idea DOES have to appeal to the reader.


    Now that we have NEW content ideas and know how to write out the content ideas. We need to know how to put it all together to leverage the opportunity of interlinking from existing content to a NEW content idea page.


    Internal Links

    It is said that Google rewards websites for having internal links (words, phrases or images that a reader can click on and “link” to or go between the pages of our website). Our goal too should be to add several internal links to our website because having internal links Google allows better indexing, and better rankings. Better indexing and better ranking will lead to more credibility within Google’s search results. Sounds like we need to make sure our websites have “internal links”. All quality content is going to get indexed in Google at some point, so we need to just write!


    External Links

    If every page of content on our site links to something externally/external links (word, phrase, images that links to a web page on another website), this would indicate that OUR OWN website is not credible enough or have enough authority. Google’s interpretation of the external linking, is that the owners of those kinds of websites are not being thought to have content that has enough quality to link to their own sites. In other words, according to Google why would they give ranking to a website that is not credible or doesn’t have enough authority on the content of their OWN website.


    Internally linking is very IMPORTANT, highly beneficial, and external linking should be zero to very minimally used within the content of our website!


    Interlink NEW content idea from our existing content of our WordPress website to another.


    We will be linking to our new post from the page in which we found the new content from. In the case of my website, my new found content idea was added to my review post/page. A sentence was created within the flow of the page: “I had come to discover “11 Benefits for Beginners at Wealthy Affiliate”  within my review of Wealthy Affiliate”. I then linked the NEW CONTENT IDEA (title) from my page to my article on 11 benefits for beginners at Wealthy Affiliate on another page.


    #1 – Find the information, word or phrase from existing content

    #2 – Highlight it.

    #3 – Click chain linked icon.

    #4 – Type in the page where the information was located on our site.


    Below is an example
    of the finished product (red), if clicked on, it will take you to another page with full or more detailed information on the information that’s highlighted. Showing that the phrase (red) will be linked to a new, relevant page. We can also make note it does not have to be on the exact same keywords, however, could be linking under a catchphrase that might be highly relevant. Either way, the link should make sense and within the flow of the page linking from.

    If we can find any other places on our website that would make sense to link to our new post, it is recommended that we leverage that interlinking opportunity as well.


    This concludes lesson 8 of Phase 2 Bootcamp Training.




    Lesson 9 of Phase 2 Bootcamp Training – Write a Review and Share it

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    All questions on any part of my blog or training put them in the box below.

    It will be a win-win situation!

    Walk with me through this venture of discovery! (start from my beginning)

    Thanks for visiting and reading!

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

    All the best,



    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. Content is everywhere. So does niche you might use to build your own brand. Is nothing bad to use it wisely. Making money online is getting more and more popular, so I am not surprised, that it is a nice content idea. Anyway, I hope that more posts about quality content will appear 🙂 Good job!

        • Hello Igor,

          I am inclined to agree with you regarding that “content is everywhere”, but once upon a time I had no idea how to locate it outside the normal way of researching topics, online, library, and even experts. If you would have told me months ago that I would be the main source for content for my website I would have said no way! Learning through the training at Wealthy Affiliate that new ideas for content can actually come from my own already written content/posts was truly a revelation. It proved to be true, as mentioned in my article I was able to entertain several new post ideas. This was great to see and proved that I applied the the concept correctly. I wanted to share my training experience to indicate how beginner friendly the training at Wealthy Affiliate has been thus far.

          Stay tuned Igor as I look to share with you and others my training experiences!


      2. I’m really impressed by what you posted, it was really informative and detailed. I am really convinced and loaded with information that I won’t need to ask any questions. Picking up topics and content could be a difficult thing for most new comer bloggers but thank you for really explaining and putting us through. I really appreciate the god work

        have a nice Day

        • Hi Salim,

          I am pleased that you were impressed by my article! The informed and detailed information you wrote about is truly due to Wealthy Affiliate’s training program. Their comprehensive, easy step by step instructions gave me someone with no experience in affiliate marketing the confidence to explore the possibilities. The revelation that new content can come from my own already written posts/content helps me to become the authority of the information within my posts. How huge is that? That is really the idea, right?  Becoming an authority of the information I present, this makes it easier to create interlinks, this is ingenious! As a newbie to affiliate marketing and to blogging the training has helped immensely.

          Thank you for your kind words and hope you’ll visit again!


      3. This is very good article especially for those of us who are short of ideas on what to write next on our blog s and continue building that great site.i have realized that this morning has given me a more ideas on what to work on without say I am out  ideas thenks for the heads up you really helped. Aperson in need.

        • Hello,

          Thanks for visiting and reading my article! I am pleased that you found my article to be of some help with finding new ideas. As a newbie I have yet to experience a block for ideas to write about, through the training I have discovered if I ever have that writing block for fresh new content I can certainly use the concept of looking within my already written posts/content. When I find that content I’ll interlink it to a relevant page and it will be like conquering two birds with one stone. First, the discovery of new content, and second, being able to create a sense of authority by interlinking the new content back to my relevant pages. Priceless!

          You’re welcome back anytime!


      4. Dwilli, 

        Thank you for sharing this very valuable lesson on content creation.  I really like the idea of going through your old posts and finding new content by doing so, perhaps even from looking at the comments from your readers too.

        I often go through my old posts anyway to add more value to reader, and to reshare things, and to provide more internal links to my new articles so it makes sense to also find more content ideas by doing so.

        Thanks for a great article, Kris

        • Hello Kris,

          Thank you for stopping by and reading my article! Going through old posts/content to find new ideas is a great concept. But I believe too you have just added an extension to finding new ideas from old posts. Sharing my training experiences have truly allowed others to share their ideas and comments, sure I can see how the possibilities that new ideas can come from the comments and input  from others. That’s fantastic! Going through old posts to add more value and or to re-share things as you mentioned all are great ideas and concepts for finding new ideas!

          This platform created by Wealthy Affiliate allows a beginner such as myself to benefit from other opinions from newbies and advanced alike! It sounds like a win-win situation!

          Thanks for your thought provoking and insightful comments! Visit anytime!


      5. Thanks for the detailed guide on how to find content everywhere we go! Kudos! Yes, it’s a great and working idea to pick a topic leveraging the existing content and linking related posts internally to boost traffic. It’s so encouraging to get to know that Google rewards site owners that link posts internally. Getting high-quality external links will also help to improve the PR quality in SERPs.

        Israel Olatunji

        • Hello Israel,

          Thank you for reading my article! Your validation of the concept of finding new ideas from already existing content is bigger than you could possibly think to me! I am a newbie training at Wealthy Affiliate, trying to learn about this industry and it sounds like you have been in the industry for a bit. I can tell because you’ve shared in your comment that getting high-quality “external links” will also help to improve the PR quality in SERPs. I think it is so cool you have in a way validated that I am in the right place training at Wealthy Affiliate and the information I am sharing is legitimate!

          Stop by anytime!


      6. I really like your idea of reviewing our articles to find more articles.  I do that at times, but not offen enough.  I have started with if I have an article, for example, the 5 best whatever that might be, going back and doing a review individually on each of the 5 products.  That has helped me come up with some ideas.  

        It is great then that you easily have something else that you can link back to, since you will have more related articles.  I try to link back whenever it makes sense, and if I write an article that I can find a way to link to something I have already written, than I use that as an idea that maybe I need to develop that area more.

        I haven’t heard before about linking to someone else’s site actually negatively effects your site.  I understand the reasoning, since it would be better if I have backup information.  I just was told differently before.  I am going to take your advice and be the only expert on my pages. 

        • Hello,

          Thank you for visiting and reading my article! The training at Wealthy Affiliate has been great, I’m learning the importance of quality content and learning concepts to creating new ideas for existing content. It is hard to believe that I am even comprehending the many concepts that Wealthy Affiliate offers through their training programs. Their comprehensive, easy step by step instructions have allowed me to understand the concepts I am being exposed to. The platform like this one has exposed me to experts, newbies and others who have some experience in the affiliate industry which allows me to learn and share at the same time.

          Your comment on external linking (link to an outside website), indicating you weren’t aware that it could be view as something negative to your site (also mentioned in my article). Well because I am able to share this article from this platform, I ran across another reader who has some experience in affiliate marketing. Their comment indicated “external links” if getting high-quality external links they will help to improve the PR quality in SERPs. so I’m thinking it really depends on the quality of the external links that will determine if they are negative or not.

          If concepts are used thoughtfully, we can’t fail! That’s my vote!

          Come back and visit anytime!

          Thank you


      7. Hi, and thanks, this was really helpful.

        I often sit and think about what I could write about next. Now, checking out older articles and elaborate new aspects or just taking a detail and write about it more in depth is a great idea.

        I’m sure there are many new articles I can create just from that. Maybe checking the comments of these posts can help too, If some readers have the same question, we can write a whole article answering these questions in detail.

        • Hi Stefan,

          Thanks for the visit and for reading my article!

          I am inclined to agree with you 100%, the concept of how to gather new ideas for content can be endless!

          Thanks for stopping by and you’re welcome to come back anytime!


      8. This is a good reiteration of the training lesson you refer to. It is true we don’t have to go too far to find ideas. One thing leads to another, as they say.

        There is so much detail to writing a blog, and internet marketing, that there are lots of items to put under a microscope and flesh out. 

        Staying alert during one’s sojourns on the internet and observing the best points of other blogs helps too. That is one thing that Wealthy Affiliate offers its members in abundance – exposure to other quality sites and interactions with their writers. 

        • Hello,

          Thank you for visiting and reading my article! I am grateful for the opportunity to share, but more grateful that I am exposed to the opportunity to receive information from experts, newbies and affiliate marketers who have some experience that are so willing to share their experiences and knowledge. The comments are from a variety of present and future marketers. I believe I am in the best place to learn and train on how to become an affiliate marketer. The concept for gathering new ideas for content is huge and extends to other blogs as you mentioned all leads to endless new content ideas!

          Thank you for your insight as well. Hope you are able to visit again!


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