How to Use Affiliate Links Properly

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    Using Affiliate links properly will open our websites up to receive more revenue and will allow us to fully use all of the affiliate options for Wealthy Affiliate Affiliates.


    Our last training (lesson 1 – Bootcamp Phase 2: Creating Readable Content That Converts) we focused on how to make the content of our website/blog, readable. The emphasis was on how we need to keep our content ideas brief and controlled, to help with the readability.  Next lesson will focus on the proper use of Affiliate links.


    Lesson 2 – Bootcamp Phase 2

    Properly Using Affiliate Links:

    In this lesson, I have to admit it was a little tricky for me, despite it being a short lesson. Tricky in terms of understanding how to apply/use Affiliate Links properly, because at some point we will need to know where to place them within the content on our website.


    First things first, right? What are Affiliate links?


    An affiliate link is our own unique link that identifies us as the referrer to the product’s (MERCHANT’S) website.


    An Affiliate link is what tells the company (via the affiliate program) that we are the affiliate that referred the person to their website. This affiliate link will go all the way through the order process, so if someone buys something we automatically get credit for the sale and earn a commission. So, this link, an affiliate link is a specific URL (a URL is an I.D./address that’s connected to the internet, as www. etc.) and within the URL contains the affiliate’s I.D. or username ( above sample link, it’s the funny characters after the (.com). In affiliate programs (Wealthy Affiliate), advertisers use affiliate links to record the traffic (people) that are sent to the advertiser’s website, it is important to understand that the action of sending people to an advertiser’s website is all part of an affiliate program.


    My interpretation:


    We are Affiliate Marketers and we sign up for a merchant’s (Amazon’s) affiliate program to promote their product(s), and we are able to earn a commission. The merchant (Amazon) will give us a I.D. of sorts (# or name) that will be associated with their service or product and attached in the form of a “link” (a web address of sorts)  that links back to the product or service when the link is “clicked on,” within the content of our website. Once the link is clicked it may display an advertisement about the product or service or go into more details about the product or service in a different browser or on a different page within the website. Say that 3 times in a row!


    For me, my initial problem was that I couldn’t relate, I had never heard of the term “affiliate link” so it was like speaking a different language, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I couldn’t relate it to anything, I think I spent too much time reading into it, so I decided to open my mind and just focus on it is just what the lesson expressed it to be. The focus is now on the placement of Affiliate links and how best to use them. Once I wrapped my head around what this lesson was training us to do I was able to block out the noise and move forward with the lesson.



    My hope is that I didn’t lose you out there or confuse you, behind my initial confusion at the beginning of this lesson. Maybe you already know what an affiliate link is, I honestly didn’t. Being able to explain the lesson to you in a way you can understand what’s being taught by the training is important to me. My goal is to also show what I am personally experiencing with the training as well. My difficulties may not be your difficulties and vice versa.

    So make sure you let me know what your difficulties are and I can make sure we are learning what we should be by asking questions and getting answers. It’s important that we are able to receive the training and understand it.


    Know how to use Affiliate links properly!


    Knowing how to use Affiliate links properly allows us to create a direct correlation toward getting ranked better in the search engines. Affiliate links will help our audience feel better about the information we share, they put things in perspective in terms of their importance. Using the Affiliate links properly will open our websites up to receive more revenue and will allow us to fully use all of the affiliate options for Wealthy Affiliate Affiliates. Using Affiliate links will also allow us to utilize testing specifically from one page if need, and gives us the ability to streamline our testing of what works and what doesn’t work with the placement of the Affiliate links within our content on our website.


    Also as part of this training, we are being taught on how to shorten Affiliate links (“taking a raw affiliate link to a product we are promoting and we create a shorter, cleaner and readable affiliate link”).


    Raw Link (gray area)


    Shorter, Cleaner and Readable Link (Below) describes the same product.





    To learn how to centralize our main Wealthy Affiliate offers (“this is where we send our traffic (people) from other pages on our site to our Wealthy Affiliate review page that we have to create or have already created”).


    It is suggested:


    That we do not want our website to reflect as one big Affiliate promotion. Google does not like affiliate links throughout a site. If it sees every single page on our site is a pure affiliate promotion, it is going to definitely have a negative impact on our rankings.


    As we conclude this training…


    Something I found very interesting in this training, there was an expression stating “not leaving money on the table.” In the industry of Affiliate Marketing, there may be a point where we might be promoting several products while reviewing or comparing other products. We need to make sure for all products/services that are being promoted, we have to make that we are signed up with that merchant’s Affiliate programs (with good reason), and that reason is so that we are able to maximize our Affiliate earnings.

    This concludes lesson 2.


    Next: Lesson 3 Bootcamp Phase 2

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      1. Hello DWilli, I finally got a chance to read your website. It is very thoughtfully laid out. I enjoyed ready your content. You are a great inspiration.
        I wish you great success,
        Editor, Online Money Maker

        • Thank you, Ruben,

          Much appreciation for visiting my site. I am pleased that you found my information thoughtful and easy to read. I am most pleased that you were inspired by it. My journey to discovery with Wealthy Affiliate is still in progress and I look forward to bringing my experience to others hopefully with inspiring results. Stay tuned!

          All the best,


      2. Learning how to use affiliate links properly is really important! After all, they are what will bring in the money! I’ve never use pretty links before but it might be something I need to check out. I’ve converted some of my affiliate links as well as blog post URLs using bitly. Do you think they are kind of the same type of deal? Hopefully I’m using my affiliate links properly! Although, now that I think about it not getting much in sales so I kinda wonder! I need to go back and just taken a look at some of them. Thanks for the article!

        • Thanks Lynne for visiting!

          Yes, learning how to use affiliate links properly was definitely stressed in the lesson. “Pretty Links” is the plugin that was used in the lesson plan. You mentioned “Bitly”, however I am not familiar with that particular product and is unable to give you an opinion on it, but I will do some research on it and see for myself what it offers. I am in the early stages of my training with Wealthy Affiliate and although I am progressing in leaps and bounds I am still fairly green (newbie/beginner). If you follow the steps and information in my article (using “Pretty Links”) you should have a foundation to work from on how to use your affiliate links properly and how to dress them so they don’t have that “coded technical” look to them.

          I hope my article and response was helpful, thanks again for visiting!


      3. Wow, Dwilli. You really know how to break it down. If there was anything I didn’t know about affiliate links before, you definitely helped clear things up. Learning a new language is always difficult, and like you say, learning about affiliate links is like learning a new language. You are a very good teacher. Thank you for your attention to detail and use of images to explain the linking process. I know you are helping a great many people who are looking for this information.


        • Thanks Hal for your kind words!

          Your teacher compliment is much appreciated, but I can’t take all the credit. My training with Wealthy Affiliate and my ability to share the relatable experience of my training is a testament to Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive easy step by step approach to their training. Coming from a background where affiliate marketing is TOTALLY absent from it, I have learned a great deal from WA’s training in a short amount of time. As I approach and complete each training lesson, I look forward to sharing my experience of that training with others and very excited to embark on the next set of lessons.

          My attention to details comes from my quest to become a successful Affiliate Marketer, and to make certain that I am delivering an accurate message that if “I can do it, so can you”!

          Thanks for visiting!


      4. I really enjoyed reading your article. It was well done! I didn’t understand anything when the first day using Wealthy Affiliate, I was lost. But you learn overtime, it is a process. For example I know that I don’t know everything and there is so much to learn, for eexample:

        You said that Google hates website with post full of affiliate links, I didn’t know that.

        One of the greatest features of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can ask for help at anytime, the community is huge and really helpful

        • Hello Fredery,

          Thanks for visiting and thank you for your kind words!

          I am learning in leaps and bound at Wealthy Affiliate and having a platform provided by them to share my experiences with others is one of the most rewards offered.

          The community of Wealthy Affiliate members is another great reward that is offered, 24/7  days a week help is always at our finger tips.

          Being a beginner, support is so important and so far Wealthy Affiliate has cornered the market!

          All the best,


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