I Can Be An Affiliate Marketer And A Web Designer

Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


    In my last post, the race was on to catch you up in my training with Wealthy Affiliate. The reason is, the more I dig into the training, the more I believe I can be an Affiliate Marketer and a web designer. After contemplating my thoughts, I came up with the idea to bring you along with me. Chronically notating my training experiences with you alongside me as I go through the training with Wealthy Affiliate program. I want us together to find out if Wealthy Affiliate will be the fit that will allow me, you or us to earn an income. After lesson 1 the jury is still out, too soon to tell. To catch you up, there are 4 more lessons that helped me to produce the website that you see and the blog platform that I am sharing from. Let’s get to it!


    Lesson 2 – Bootcamp Phase 1 “Choosing Your Direction”


    The training consisted of creating a “Brand” for myself (I know, my sentiments exactly); what’s a brand? Well, learning what it is and how to create one was the goal of this training. To create my “Brand” I needed to first decide on my “target audience” for my website. I’m way ahead of you (target audience?), the specific group of people that can benefit from my information, service or product.


    The training helped me to come up with my targeted audience. An audience that could relate to my personal experience (unemployment, limited income, no income). An audience looking for what I am looking for (an income, a job, extra income). An audience that wants what I want and that is willing to work (to help others, to be relevant and to earn a living that creates independence).


    My worth defined by my efforts to bring value to my life and the lives of others. The target audience I discovered, is you! The unemployed and the retired extra income needing, and wanting to earn money online (maybe by way of Affiliate Marketing). That’s the direction I want to go in and the people I want to help and serve. This lesson produced a “Target Audiences” tutorial and after reading it, I felt comfortable with my choice and direction of my target audience. Moving forward with the training? I’m voting, yes! I have my target audience and direction, let’s keep moving.


    Lesson 3 – Bootcamp Phase 1 “Building Your Website”


    Confession, I was definitely one of those who felt very intimidated when I arrived at this lesson. After watching the video that accompanied this lesson, “Build Your Website in 30 Seconds”, I followed along with the laymen riddled instructions and began to build my website. Yes, there is a SiteBuilder, SiteRubix platform within Wealthy Affiliate. The technology made me a website builder (remember I have no experience), I designed my own website, so does that make me a web designer? I’m not sure, but it is functional (someone please pinch me).


    Domain Name


    This brings me to Domain names, I had no idea what kind of names those were. Well, I learned in this lesson that a Domain name is a big part of a website’s presence. My brand is woven into my “domain name” which brought me to the name for my website “My Worth Defined” as a Domain name. My Domain name represents me finally discovering my worth, deciding to not allow unemployment to define my value and my worth. As part of that discovery, I want to help others discover their worth, especially if they find themselves unemployed, retired and needing to make ends meet. My Domain name references my website address (URL) online.


    As a Starter Member, you can build your website for free with (SiteRubix). You also have a choice to buy your own Domain name (which is what I did) very small amount (about $1 and 15 cents per month), it felt more personal for me to buy. At this time, I am still very interested in going forward with Wealthy Affiliate (I bought my own Domain name). I am already doing more than I could have ever imagined. Onward, next lesson!


    Lesson 4 – Bootcamp Phase 1 “A Website Look Around”


    In this lesson, the video “Setting Up Your Back Office” was introduced. It gave a great beginning/beginner’s perspective depiction of what I would be doing behind the scenes of my website in terms of navigation. The demonstration in the video displayed simple directions on how to add posts (written content) and delete posts and pages on the websites.


    The training in the video displayed in an orientation sort of fashion showing other parts of the back office. This helped me become more familiarized with other options, that I can use for constructing my website. I was trained on where to look in the back office if updates needed to be applied and how to apply them for my website.


    If I was not actually participating in the training myself firsthand, I might find it hard to believe that I am able to accomplish what I have thus far. I am not a website designer, but I have constructed one (I tell you again, I have no experience) and my confidence is growing. Simple enough, I can say that, because I have a website now (remarkable, really remarkable!).


    Lesson 5 – Bootcamp Phase 1 “Activating Your Plugins”


    I watched the video in this lesson, “Understanding & Activating Your Plugins”, it gave a brief definition on what plugins are and how they can enhance your website and how too many of them could harm your website. The training in the video didn’t go into great details about plugins at this time because a future video would be covering plugins in greater details. The lesson was more focused on showing me how to activate plugins on my website. There are two already installed plugins on every chosen website design within Wealthy Affiliate, this video showed how to activate them and have them start working on my website.



    The first plugin was the EWWW Image Optimizer, this plugin had a lot to do with making uploadable (to be put on my site) images that I want to put on my website search engine ready (so that online browsing people can find me) through Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


    The second plugin was the All in One SEO, this plugin will come in very handy to help structure the content in my website to be search engine ready (so that online browsing people can find me) through Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.




    As a Starter Member (free) we have limited access to the thousands of plugins (still more than enough) for our already efficient website.

    As a Premium Member, you have access to over 49,000 plugins to choose from.

    I’m a web designer, who would have thought? Let’s agree to keep going! Next lesson? In our unison voice, “yes”!


    Lesson 6 – Bootcamp Phase 1

    “Getting Your Website Ready For SEO”


    Honestly, I had no idea what SEO meant. The next title in this section basically stated SEO were acronyms: Introducing Search Engine Optimization, but I still had very little understanding of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was. In this lesson I watched the video “Setting Up Your Website For Search Engines”, it walked me through the fundamentals of SEO and how the “All in One SEO plugin (mentioned in lesson 5) helps as the framework for my website in preparation for SEO. This lesson helped me to understand the basic components to SEO that added simplicity to the learning aspect and how it will benefit my website today and far into the future (SEO is basically about developing the kind of content for my website that allows search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) to find it when people are looking for services or products online). That is my summation of what SEO means to me.


    Back Office of My Website


    This lesson also took me to the back office of my website where I was now going to utilize the “All in One SEO Plugin” that I activated in lesson 5. The instructions regarding the implementation of the All in One SEO plugin allowed me to add content to the “Home” tab of my website. This is where the placement of the title and the description of my website will go for the eyes of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) this is done in the back office of my website.


    I learned what should be in my title and what should be in the description part of my website and when to use the update tab. This lesson also gave instructions on how to make sure my keyword (new word alert, TBA) settings are set properly. The intimidation level has subsided some, having the All in One SEO plugin backing me up brings great comfort (a map of sorts)! I’m feeling more confident about the creation of my website.


    We Can Do This!


    One more lesson we will then be in the same vehicle traveling toward our destiny to discovery. We then can implement my plan, providing you accept my proposal.


    Yes, finally the plan and the proposal. See you at my next post. One of the topics  “My Plan & My Proposal”


    So meantime in between time let me know your thoughts.

    Leave a few comments and let me know your opinions in the box below.

    If you have any questions about any part of my blog put them in the box below.

    I will address all your questions and engage in your dialogues. It will be a win-win situation!

    Walk with me through this venture of discovery! (from the beginning)

    Thanks for visiting and reading my story.

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

    All the best,




    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. Great post and good info.

        I’m using Wealthy Affiliate for a long while now, and I have to say that it is the best platform ever.

        The trainings, the community is awesome.

        You don’t need any experience, everybody can become it!

        Don’t hesitate and join now to earn good money.

        Thanks for sharing it with us!

        • Thank you for your kind words!

          It looks like you are definitely pleased with Wealthy Affiliate. That’s great, and I am encouraged to think that Wealthy Affiliate may be able to assist with my and possible others quest to enter the industry of Affiliate Marketing and be successful at it.

          My training with Wealthy Affiliate so far is coming along and I am pleased with what I have learned so far. Wealthy Affiliate’s Community platform is without a doubt a very enlightening experience, very helpful group of people! This has meant a great deal being that my experience was non-existing prior to Wealthy Affiliate.

          I am hoping and maybe others who are walking with me will discover that we can make an income online after training with Wealthy Affiliate.

          All the best,


      2. Hey i really enjoyed this article, it was very informative.  It is nice that you broke down all the training in lesson one even though there is tons more training after all that.  I think the training within WA can help many people and there will be some people who gets lazy and wants an easy way out but i have learned you need to be motivated and be willing to work to succeed!

        • Thanks Justin for visiting!

          I am pleased that you enjoyed my article and found it to be informative. Breaking down the lesson is my attempt to share my training experience at Wealthy Affiliate.

          People can try out Wealthy Affiliate for themselves  because there is a try it out first culture with Wealthy Affiliate. Some people may relate better-knowing someone is going where they would like to go, some people want to see how it’s done before spending their time. I guess I’m trying to be that someone for them and trying to find answers that can change my life and others positively.

          My purpose with Wealthy Affiliate’s help is to show if I can successfully go through their training step by step and create an income from what I am being taught, then others can too! Sharing my experience will allow others to be witness to my achievements and or struggles within the training. Who knows, maybe my experience can help someone else decide if Affiliate Marketing is something they’d like to look closer at.

          I believe Affiliate Marketing is a solution to unemployment, just have to find the right training program to help make it a reality.

          Justin, you are absolutely right about people wanting to find the easy way out of something, but I also believe it is normal or natural to initially feel that way. No one I know wants to have to struggle for or with anything that they want. But, as the saying goes “anything worth having is worth working for,” and probably the majority of us understand that is the route to go to succeed as you stated you have to be willing to work for it.



      3. Wow, this really an exclusive explanation on the working system of Wealthy Affiliate.
        You have given and shown areas where I had failed to think about and this has opened new ways to generate more ideas to come up with.

        Please keep up the good work so that your work becomes a channel to reach many more hungry eyes and souls who are eagerly looking for making some passive income online.

        Our success is determined by how much we help others.
        Keep the good work.

        • Thanks for visiting!

          Thank you for your kind words and for your insight. I am pleased to know that I am being helpful in a way that allows others to benefit.

          If there is anything I am able to share regarding my training with Wealthy Affiliate and it generates positive ideas to help people then I am for sure doing something right. So far so good!

          My research into Affiliate Marketing has convinced me that I could possibly make an income/living in the industry. Within that research, I was led to Wealthy Affiliate.

          An unemployment status, financial stagnation, and zero relevancy are titles that are worn daily by many of us. My hope is that Wealthy Affiliate will create a gateway for myself and others to be able to make an income online in this industry. Time will tell.

          Thank you,


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