New Affiliate Marketers: Optimize Your Website!

Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


    IMPORTANT: New Affiliate Marketers, OPTIMIZE & ORGANIZE your website! Create great experiences! You want your visitors to navigate productively and predictably!

    Our last training (Lesson 6 of Phase 2 Bootcamp) covered “Backing Up your WordPress Website”, we were trained on the importance of backing up the websites we create.


    NEXT: Lesson 7 of Phase 2 Bootcamp

    Enhancing Your Website Experience

    Prior to getting here, creating quality content for our posts and pages have pretty much been the focus. We really have not focused a lot on how we need to create an organized presence on our website. This training will be about cleaning up our website and optimizing (making it as effective as possible) it more by paying close attention to the menus (a list of things the reader can choose from) on our websites. We’ll use my website below for example purposes and by the way, it is also the website created in Lessons 1 – 10 of Phase 1 Bootcamp Affiliate Training Program at Wealthy Affiliate. How cool is that?


    This training explains the importance of an organized website. If we do it, we then allow ourselves to create a great experience for the visitor that visits our website. It is explained that our visitor’s experience is closely tied to whether they can navigate through and to the content on our website. So, we want our visitors to navigate in a productive and foretelling way, predictably on our website.


    As website owners, the training tells us our goal should be proactive! We should not just get someone to visit one page on our website, but we should also get them to read and visit all the pages on our website! Having visitors read several or all pages will assist with them in becoming repeat visitors to our website.


    (Below are 6 titles at top of my website (top menus) that visitors can choose from). To get an even closer look and an idea just scroll to the top of this post (not exact, but to show top menu)

    This training suggests that we have our top menu be the main navigation for our website, I noticed that the top menu is sort of at eye level (looking straight ahead, and could be the reason for main navigation). Eventually creating a drop-down menu to all the top menu to give our visitors a more efficient navigation experience (below).

    The drop-down list will allow us to be able to extend the navigation on our website. The drop down will allow us to add more posts and pages to the top menu while maintaining an easy navigation experience for the visitor. We also have to make sure the “theme” we chose for our website design (platform) allows for drop-down list options because most themes are different. There are several thousand website designs to choose from at Wealthy Affiliate!

    Our training indicates we should simplify our top menu that allows our visitor to understand their choices. When we simplify our top menu it should really mirror the theme of our website at present and can be updated in the future as needed.


    We will reorganize my top menu that includes 6 titles.


    About Dwilli

    Getting Started


    Helpful Tools

    Must Haves

    Privacy Policy


    To make the edits/changes to our “top menu” we need to go to the back office of our website (Dashboard).


    Add a “label” to the menu and add a “drop-down” action to the menu of my site.


    The back office is where we manage many of the things on our websites.

    Under the heading “Pages” click on the tab “Custom Links”.


    Place the web address in the box. (We are instructed to just place a hashtag# in this area for the sake of training)

    Link Text:

    This is where the navigation label’s name goes. (We are going to name the label “Drop down”).

    Click on the Add to Menu.

    This will create a label that is added to the menu of the website and to add it as a “drop-down”.


    The menu below indicates the “Drop down” label was added (the list is 7 now)

    Below, the label “Drop-down” was moved to the 2nd position to where I want to use the drop-down option. To move the label, click and hold on it and drag it to the place you want it to go.

    Below shows to allow the label “Drop down” to have the drop down ability on our website, we need to click and hold the label and drag it slightly to the right and release.


    To edit more than one label and create the drop-down ability to apply the same instruction as above.

    Below is how the label “Drop-down” will look on our websites and how it will work on the site.



    Remove a label completely from the menu.


    Click on the label we want to remove from the menu, a drop-down box appears, then click on “remove”.








    Below the label “Must Haves” was removed from this menu list,  and will also be removed from of the website.



    Below shows the label “Must Haves” has been removed from the website’s menu.



    Adding a Custom Menu to the “Sidebar” adding it as a widget to our websites


    First discussed in this section is the need to not have redundancy between “top menu and sidebar menu”. In other words, top and side menus need to not have the same labels names doing the same action.


    From within the back office, within the Menu section, click on “create a new menu”.



    Type in the name of the menu label being created, this training the label is “Important Pages”.



    Click on “create menu



    Then go under “Pages” and select the pages we want to add to the “Important Page” menu. We will select the page “Privacy Policy”.



    Click “add to menu” and click “save menu”. The “Privacy Policy” will be added to the “Menu Structure”.



    We “Save Menu”, the menu “Important Pages” and the page “Privacy Policy”, we then go to the left column.

    Select “widget” under the “Appearance” in the left column.

    Under “Available Widgets” pick “Navigation Menu” click on it, hold it and drag it to the right, release to place in the “sidebar” section.

    Once released, click on the small arrow attached to the “Navigation Menu” and a drop down box presents.



    Type in the title name, select the menu name and click “Save” and then click “Done”. This will allow the edits to the Top Menu and Sidebar menu to take place.



    Below: shows that the “Privacy Policy” was removed from the top menu and was added to the newly created menu “Important Pages” and widget place to the sidebar



    This completes our training! Woo Hoo! It looks like we will constantly be in and out of the back office of our websites. The more we are there, the more we will learn, and the more we will be comfortable with navigating back there, I am certain of it!

    To note:

    I really want to express with great wonder, my ability to complete this training and being able to share with you is a testament to my understanding of it (this is truly saying a lot)! Wealthy Affiliate has created a learning atmosphere that allows even me to understand (to know me, is to know that is saying a lot)!

    Even though an unemployment status drove me to this point, I truly believe it is much more than that! (Start from my beginning). Our next  training will be Lesson 8 of Bootcamp Phase 2 Bootcamp – Building MORE Content through Internal Links


    Thanks so much for training alongside me!


    Leave a few comments and let me know your opinions in the box below.

    If you have any questions about any part of my blog or the training put them in the box below.

    It will be a win-win situation!

    Walk with me through this venture of discovery!

    Thanks for visiting and reading!

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

    All the best,



    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. This is a must read for every member of wealthy affiliate as I will take it upon myself to rebroadcast this article, you have really done a great job outlining these trainings one after the other and it has helped me recall some things I have forgotten which I really need. Thanks for sharing this.

        • Thank you!

          Thank you for visiting and reading my article! I am pleased that you found the value in my article. The training at Wealthy affiliate has made me a believer, myself coming from a background with no experience in the field of affiliate marketing the training has helped me greatly. To be able to share my training experience at Wealthy Affiliate to others is very important to me. I want to hold myself accountable and hold Wealthy Affiliate accountable in delivering what they advertise. To assist me in creating a successful online business. I want the world to know if Wealthy Affiliate can assist me in achieving that goal, then they can assist and help others too reach that goal as well! The education, lessons and training has been priceless. Learning the importance of quality content and website optimization has proven to be necessary!

          So stay tuned for more sharing of my training experiences!


      2. Wealthy affiliate is the right place to be. Not just the lessons you learn and the access to great softwares like jaxxy but also the community of very experienced and successful online entrepreneurs who are always willing to help out at all times. I’m new to wealthy affiliate too and I have no doubt that I’ve come to the right place and so have you.

        Success all the way,

        best wishes


        • Thanks Louis!

          Your validation of Wealthy Affiliate is greatly appreciated! To have another newbie witnessing some of the same experiences proves like you said that I am in the right place! This is huge because I have done my due diligence in the field of affiliate marketing and discovered just how lucrative it can be. No experience on my end means I needed to find a program that was going to take in consideration my skill level. So far Wealthy Affiliate has gone beyond my expectations. I have had my share of scams and broken promises, so I am hyper-vigilant in my training experiences with Wealthy Affiliate and making sure I take advantage of their advertised offerings!

          So far, so good!

          I have a functional website that I am building out regularly (whoever would have thought?). Quality content is critical and optimization of my website is just as critical and vital. Wealthy Affiliate teaches this concept in a laymen terms, easy step by step instructions. I have a platform where I can share my training experiences at Wealthy Affiliate with others. The possibilities are many!

          Come back and visit anytime!


      3. This is very useful. I found out that well-organized menus are one of the key point for SEO. I hope that everyone will understand now how easy and how important it is. This article is a piece of a good job. Well done! I will come here more often to check what else I can learn from you 🙂

        • Hello Igor,

          Thanks for stopping by and reading my article! Thank you for finding my article useful, it is a testament to the training I am receiving from Wealthy Affiliate. Your kind words are appreciated! Wealthy Affiliate trains on the importance of optimization to our websites and the importance of quality content within our posts to satisfy SEO and to create great customer experiences. The training has been nothing short of amazing!

          You are welcome back anytime!

          Wealthy Affiliate’s platform allows me to share my training experiences to others, so stay tuned!

          Thank you,


      4. Building a website is an art and design that one has to understand in order to to create a wonderful user experience.Your teachings on enhancing Your website experience it’s quite detailed and self explanatory .I was Able to follow every bit of the tutorial, the snapshot Made it easy to navigate and  follow through well done and thanks.

        • Hello Zuchii,

          Thank you for your kind words on my article!

          My comprehension of what I am being trained on at Wealthy Affiliate is a testament to their easy step by step training instructions. To be able to share my training experience is very important to me. Your validation of my ability to relay the information I have retained is huge and important to sharing. The information in my article is obviously part of my website, being able to optimize my website and provide quality content, your expression of approval validates that I have given my reader a good experience!

          Thanks for stopping by, please visit anytime!


      5. What is the uniqueness of myworthdefine in Affiliated Market?

        For instance, Wealthy Affiliated has made life easy for it members earnings in exchange for offering comments on other peoples blog which it has never happened before in Affiliated Marketing without complication. Newbie like me can now earn few dollars in other for the job to be easy before i even build my website in which no Affiliated Market company has never done

        • Hello,

          Thank you for reading my article!

          To answer your question: “What is the uniqueness of myworthdefined in Affiliate Market?”

          First, prior to discovering Wealthy Affiliate (My beginning), “my worth” was defined by an unemployment status! Realizing I was much more than that, I set out to find an industry that would/could reflect my “true worth” by putting my “worth” in my own hand. My due diligence brought me to discover affiliate marketing, that discovery informed me that the industry could be very lucrative for a determined individual (finally I may have discovered a gateway to tremendous possibilities), Wealthy Affiliate. With no experience I needed a program that was going to cater to my skill level, Wealthy Affiliate. The affiliate marketing industry will allow me, you, and others to put their “worth” in their own hands, creating myworthdefined to be valuable!

          I am inclined to agree with you so far regarding Wealthy Affiliate. I too believe eventually as I am learning, the earning will follow, I am still a newbie excited about learning/training and sharing my experiences with you and others!

          Come back anytime!


      6. This is great. As a newbie I am still in lesson two, I want to take the lessons one step at a time. I strongly believe that I will understand better when I get to lesson.

        This is really informative because I now know what lies ahead of me. Putting myself in a good position of learning and be like you guys is my top most priority at the moment. 

        I know for sure that I will get there.. 

        • Hi,

          Thanks for reading my article! As a newbie myself still training and learning I understand your position. Wealthy Affiliate thus far in my training has allowed me to learn in leaps and bounds! My website where my article is housed is a website Wealthy Affiliate helped me create, the lesson I am currently training in stresses the importance of quality content and the optimization of my website, priceless information. Every lesson so far have been nothing short of amazing!

          My advice to you is to look forward to learning from what I think so far is a great program!

          I believe too you will without a doubt learn a great deal as you maneuver through the training! Just as I have!

          You’re welcome to stop by anytime!


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