Review of Wealthy Affiliate-Making Money?

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    My review: Answering the lingering questions: Can you make money online with Wealthy Affiliate? Can they teach you how to create a successful business online?

    Welcome to my review of Wealthy Affiliate. This is actually my 2nd review of Wealthy Affiliate. Read what my 1st review detailed:

    WA  Review 2018 Don’t Join Until You Read This!

    There are some very important questions that need to be answered regarding Wealthy Affiliate. Legitimate questions and among the many most surrounds money. In this review, I will address some of those questions to the best of my ability based on what I know now, based on my firsthand accounts and based on my completion of Phase 1 &2 of Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp Training Program.


    To understand, before I go into my review process and the information to share with you, I’d like to share my “Wealthy Affiliate Review in Phases” post with you. It explains why this is the 2nd review of 5 reviews I will be conducting on Wealthy Affiliate.


    Wealthy Affiliate Review

    This is what I know now!

    Name: Wealthy Affiliate

      (It already has for me)


    Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com


    Zero risks and zero obligation with free Starter membership.

    Price: Starter Membership       (Join Here)      Premium Membership,

    $0 (zero)                                                              $49/mo.-OR- $359/yr


    Wealthy Affiliate Owners: Kyle & Carson





    Overall Rating: 98 out of 100 (an expectation)

    98 out of 100 is a projection at this time. 98 out 100 is an expectation. 98 out of 100 is the review score I’d like to eventually rate Wealthy Affiliate’s program, service, and product. To ever give any product or service more than 98 out of 100 would tell me there is no room for improvement.  I would find that hard to believe personally and would want to know that there is always room for improvement. Improvement + growth = Living!


    Who can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate’s program?

    Per Wealthy Affiliate: They have:

    “The Features You Need to Succeed. Perfect for Beginners and Experts Alike.”

    As a beginner, a newbie and someone with no experience I believe one can learn a great deal (Phase 1 & 2 of Wealthy Affiliates Bootcamp) and more.

    As far as an expert? I am unable to give a judgment from that perspective because I am not an expert. My opinions will always come from the perspective of a beginner. I am serious about my assessment of Wealthy Affiliate’s ability to teach me and others how to create a successful business online.


    Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp

    Phase 1 – Bootcamp Training


    Getting Started


    Choosing Your Direction


    Building Your Website


    A website Look Around


    Activating Your Plugins

    Getting Your Website Ready For SEO


    Your Initial Framework Of Content


    Understand the Keyword Research Process


    Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews


    The Exciting Journey Has Begun

    Because Wealthy Affiliate is described by many to have one of the most profitable recurrent affiliate programs in 2018, Phase 1 of their Bootcamp training is designed to get a business built on a firm solid ground. Wealthy Affiliate explains that all long-term businesses start with a vision and a brand. Phase 1 of Bootcamp’s objective is to get things in place to accomplish a firm footing beginning with establishing your vision and your brand.

    Completion Of Phase 1 Bootcamp

    After personally completing Phase 1 Bootcamp (above 10 lessons), it is my honest opinion that I could currently have a foundation for a long-term very lucrative business online in place. My website: https://myworthdefined.com, was accomplished because of my Phase 1 training at Wealthy Affiliate.


    Phase 2 – Bootcamp Training


    Creating Readable Content that Converts


    Properly Using Affiliate Links


    Understanding Keywords & A Day of Selling


    Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords


    Take a break, catch up

    Backing up your Website


    Enhancing Your Website “Experience”


    Building More Content Through Internal


    Write a Review and Share it


    Offering Bonuses the Easy WA


    Wealthy Affiliate’s Phase 2 Bootcamp Training’s central attention was on content.  The training revolved around creating content for your website. It focused on how to make the content on your website presentable and readable. The same amount of attention focused on how to capitalize on “keywords” to create content that ranks, and content that can convert readers/visitors.


    Completion of Phase 2 Bootcamp

    After personally completing Phase 2 Bootcamp (above 10 lessons) I learned that there is a big difference between just creating content and creating quality content. Quality content is content that has the ability to carry substantial benefits. I honestly believe that what I have learned and discovered from the lessons in Phase 2 Bootcamp I am prepared to create presentable, readable, and quality content for my website.


    How and Why I chose Wealthy Affiliate to Train with?

    Through my online efforts, my interest in Affiliate Marketing has grown over the years. In my research within the Affiliate Marketing industry, I had come to realize there is money to be made and it could be a lucrative online business. But, my problem was tenfold, no experience and no idea where I was going to get it. I am definitely a beginner and I didn’t have the money to take courses. I didn’t know any of the online jargon, I didn’t know anything about website building.  I only knew what I read about the industry but no experience in it. So if I was going to venture into the industry, I was going to have to get experience and or training.


    The Search for an Affiliate Marketing Program

    I couldn’t just find any Affiliate program, I needed one that was going to help me be successful in the field of Affiliate Marketing. I needed one that would essentially give me all the tools that I will need, a network of people and resources that would put me in the best position to be successful. As the old adage indicates, “search and you shall find”. The search was on for the Affiliate Marketing program that was going to be right for me. I looked closely at a few Affiliate Marketing programs before coming across Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate program.


    A few reasons I chose them to assist me with my quest to become an Affiliate Marketer, one was their advertisement:“For newbies and advanced marketers alike, our focus with all of our training is teaching you how to create a successful, long-term business within the online space”, catering to all levels of experience or lack of experience (my situation), this was an important decision making aspect. Another important aspect was within the content of Wealthy Affiliate’s website, they have a “try it first” culture, “Try Wealthy Affiliate Free, No Risk, and No Credit Card Required”.  The mentioned reasons, in my book, were a winning combination and I wanted to explore more. In order to explore more meant signing up as a “Starter Member”, remember it’s FREE, I had nothing to lose and in my mind so much gain! I am a Wealthy Affiliate Member.


    My Training Thus far at Wealthy Affiliate

    What I witnessed and experienced during my Bootcamp training at Wealthy Affiliate was a business building platform that offered and in my mind gave me what I needed to begin to create, begin to grow and a beginning to the management of an online business. My participation at this stage of the training gave me access to over half a million members and direct contact with over 1,000 members. The training gave me access to an all-inclusive experience where I was able to build my own website, have website hosting on the state of the art hosting platform with comprehensive, easy to understand training modules and support.

    The online community platform is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The community that I experienced during my training at Wealthy Affiliate offered a network of fellow entrepreneurs that wanted me to succeed as much as they wanted themselves to succeed. The amount of help I received from other members was unparalleled. I felt as if I was learning a great deal from 1,000 experts/mentors/members from the Wealthy Affiliate community platform who answered every question I had about the training. Even the Co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson were active within the community on a daily basis answering questions, helping people with their website operations and conducting training sessions. I never felt like I was alone, never felt like I couldn’t get through the training. Help was always a few clicks away on the computer.




    Why Being a Wealthy Affiliate Might makes Sense!

    First, this review is in front of you, this could mean you are interested in some things.   Maybe you are interested in learning how to create a successful business online and there is a very good chance of being able to actually do it.  The platform at Wealthy Affiliate will open you up to the possibilities regardless of your background, your technical knowledge or your experiences. Wealthy Affiliate will offer the support, tools and the training you’ll need. If you can turn on a computer, it is clear to me that you can take the opportunity to take advantage of the FREE “Starter Membership” and lose nothing to experience a chance to build an online business within Wealthy Affiliate. I have completed Phases 1 & 2 of a five-phase Bootcamp training and I have learned and been trained on 20 lessons with the most comprehensive yet easy step by step instructions that lend to the possible realization of an online business.



    Some positives at Wealthy Affiliate that I have experienced, thus far:

    Comprehensive and easy step by step Getting Started Training lessons

    Comprehensive and easy step by step instructions in the Video Training, Tutorial Training, and in the Classroom Training Courses

    More than a half a million HELPFUL community members

    Access to Interactive Classrooms live and Interactive HELP (even during the wee hour of the morning)

    2 Free, Beautifully Designed Websites

    State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting for my website

    Access to Industry Experts & successful online money makers.

    A strict spam free environment

    I got started completely FREE! (With no catches)

    All of this and more, you get to do and witness for yourself at no cost.


    The inclusion of all skill levels

    When I became a member and was given access to the member’s area I was right away immersed in the community and the activity within the community platform.

    Many people within the community were from all levels of expertise and from different countries, their presence helped create an atmosphere for success.  I came in with a goal to learn about Affiliate Marketing, hoping to start a business from scratch and build that business online. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of all shapes and sizes, from newbies (that’s me) just starting out on their very first day to experts (who I plan to become) that have been running full-time businesses online for 10-15 years (I was able to communicate with many of them the minute I joined).


    Another great aspect I found was helpful, especially when I had a question when I was not at my desk at home to use my laptop or desktop. I could actually access Wealthy Affiliate’s community from my mobile phone, tablet, or from my iPad. Anywhere there is a connection to the Internet I have access to someone if I have a question or need help with something. I felt connected, included and fairly confident about the possibilities.


    The Structure of Wealthy Affiliate’s Training & Tools?


    Training is a comprehensive, easy step by step instructions, and organized. The literature, lesson plans, tasks, and applications are all relevant, and current within Wealthy Affiliate. The training and I may have mentioned it a few times already (because I am a beginner), the training is for all levels of expertise, including training for even the most advanced marketer.


    How the training literature is presented is important to me, I am a Kinesthetic learner. I learn by doing, I process the information better by actively participating while learning, a hands-on approach in some way works best for me. So, the training offered in different formats is very important!


    Wealthy Affiliate’s training is offered in different formats:

    Live Weekly Training Classes

    Question and Answer Periods

    Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)

    Interactive Discussions

    Video Training, Tutorial Training

    There are over (1,000) powerful training modules within Wealthy Affiliate.

    Each Classroom has a different online business model.

    Each online business model could be used to generate a full-time income online.


    Everything I need to build a Website

    As a member myself I have used and is currently utilizing many of the tools, per Wealthy Affiliate as a member I have access to all of the tools I’ll need to run a successful business online. My exposure to some of the tools thus far have not disappointed me, I used the training tools available to do research, their tools helped me deliver quality content, and there were tools provided to me to help me build my website.

    It is very important to have a website if you plan on having a successful Affiliate Marketing business online. But, I had no experience with websites, no experience on how to build one, and no experience with knowing what a website needed to be totally functional. As a member I have access to training, step by step instructions, and over 1,000 directly connected Wealthy Affiliate members and over 500,000 indirectly connected members that have been very helpful with the building of my website.

    Website building/hosting applications are all included and in the member’s area:

    Keyword & Competition Research Tool

    WordPress Express (3 click website builder)

    Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists

    State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)

    Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes

    Ability to add over 40,000 different plugins (feature extensions) to your website

    Rapid Writer, your content “friend”

    All the tools and services that are needed to run an online business. As a member, I have an “all inclusive” online business platform available to me.


    The Community of Members and Support offered at Wealthy Affiliate

    When you are searching for help, Wealthy Affiliate community of members will be there for you! I know firsthand. As a newbie, my questions were many (I’m sure I’ll have many more) and someone within the community always showed up, there was always someone with the helpful answer. When you are in unfamiliar territory, just starting out, guidance is so important! I am venturing toward discovery so when it comes to making money online and trying to create a successful business, it is comforting to know that you can get help when you need it! The community help at Wealthy Affiliate is with a live, 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week community and support system.


    There are other types of support offered as well:

    Support from Co-founder, personally: Kyle

    Live, 24/7/365 Chat

    Interactive Discussions

    Live Question & Answer periods

    Private 1-on-1 support with Co-founders

    Private access to community experts

    I have personally witnessed and have participated in one form or another with the different support systems. After completing Phases 1 & 2 of Bootcamp I can honestly say I never felt alone, I can admit that if I had a problem I never felt like I was out in the water without a life jacket, the support seems to have always been there in one form or another.

    Believe it or not, the CEO and founder found time out of their busy schedules to answer my questions. With the years of experience that they have, I definitely listened to their answers and to their insightful advice.


    My Goal is to become an Affiliate Marketer.

    What will I be doing to make money at Wealthy Affiliate?

    Maybe you have the same goal and maybe you’re asking the same question, “What will I be doing to make money at Wealthy Affiliate?” Come to find out there are many things that you can do to make money online, and over 100 different ways are taught within Wealthy Affiliate.


    However, trying to bring all of them to the forefront would be a bit much, but let me summarize things and give you a breakdown:



    Let’s say you join, you are then given two choices.  You can follow your heartfelt interest, or find ways to help people with beauty products, or sports advice, cooking, or whatever you want.  There are literally tons of potential directions you can go in and you can choose that as your direction.  The above diagram is just a starting point and the initial training course is going to show us how we can take our passion and turn it into a full-time business within the online world. That is my expectation, would that be yours too?


    A  niche?

    If you are anything like I was and you don’t know anything about a “niche” (which I found out later in the training what it was) and you don’t have one or you’re not sure about what you’re passionate about, Wealthy Affiliate can help with that. This was the route I decided to go, I wanted Wealthy Affiliate to choose for me because I was not sure what direction I wanted to go in. I felt if I allowed Wealthy Affiliate to choose for me then I would have a proven product already (maybe, but at the time it was my thought process) to showcase my training efforts. Wealthy Affiliate themselves have an Affiliate Bootcamp program. Who better to train with the promoting of a product than with Wealthy Affiliate? They are training and teaching how to use Wealthy Affiliate as the product to promote, with them being the “predefined” topic to build a business from. This training is a complete walk-through, starting at the bare bones and there is no experience necessary, I am a witness to this (My Beginning)!


    So, you are going to be trained to take your passion or product (maybe Wealthy Affiliate, what I chose) and create a business online.  It starts with a niche website, and our expectation should be that it ends with us making money in several ways from that website. Our goal is to have this be through the promotion of affiliate programs, ads, or through whatever else is possible.


    The Pricing Plans of Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate has two membership price points:

    Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

    (Where I started FREE, a try it first culture at Wealthy Affiliate,)

    When you join as a Starter, you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community.  This includes access to live chats, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool, and more.

    I got the feeling that Wealthy Affiliate wanted me to start for free, I am certain they don’t mind that everyone starts for free. They would rather us see for ourselves experiencing a great deal of what’s offered before we ever have to invest any of our own money. Is there another service or platform in the Affiliate marketing program that can compete with Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter membership? I honestly don’t know, but I am certain that the possibilities are real and my goal of becoming an Affiliate Marketer can possibly be reached at Wealthy Affiliate. So far, so good!


    Premium Membership, $49 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

    (My current status, because of their offers and the best chance to reach my goals)

    As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, I received access to everything a Starter member would, plus access to the entire Wealthy Affiliate experience.

    Wealthy Affiliate Premium gives an “all inclusive” platform, created to remove all the other “cost” you typically need to worry about during your day to day activities. Like:

    Hosting fees for your website(s)

    Keyword Research tool fees

    Website builder fees

    Paying for hired help and mentoring

    Writing tools


    Live events

    Searching the net tirelessly for answers to your questions

    Getting access to the RIGHT training

    All of those kind things vanishes within Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, into a single low price.

    My thoughts on this were simple

    It is a small price to invest (only when YOU are ready) to have access to a very comprehensive, easy step by step training that can bring me closer to obtaining an income in the industry of Affiliate Marketing. I don’t know about you, but I can’t go through wasting another several hundred dollars on another internet scam and or on more money sucking online guru courses. Seriously!  I am going through Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp Training Program because I want to believe absolutely for sure that they have everything I need to have a long-term successful online business. I wanted to have the 1-on-1 expert help from real living, breathing and proven experts as offered! So far, so good!

    I am hoping my experience with Wealthy Affiliate proves that I will never be scammed again with that so-called online money making opportunity.  Wealthy Affiliate assured me of it and I am going to hold them to it! So far, so good!


    My Final Opinion + Special BONUS!

    Join the starter, its $0 dollars, FREE! Upon joining, I will make sure to get in touch with you within the first few hours.  If you decide to join and I think you will just as I have because you are here for a reason and that reason is a serious one, so go ahead and set-up your account. It is simple to do and you will be walked through it upon Joining Wealthy Affiliate.


    How to Claim Your Bonus…

    When you join with your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).  When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my “hello” and some more information about Wealthy Affiliate, how to get help from me, from the community, mentors, and trainers and even from Co-Founders, how to claim your bonus. This is going to be some AWESOME stuff (10 years of experience and mentorship!)


    My Summarized Overview

    This is the 2nd of a total of 5 reviews that will be conducted by me. The 1st review: “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – Don’t Join Until You Read This”, and my explanation why 5 reviews in total visit: “Wealthy Affiliate Reviewed in Phases – What I Know Now”.


    This 2nd review is based on my firsthand accounts and based on my completion of Phase 1 &2 of Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp Training Program.


    Name: Wealthy Affiliate

    URL: http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

    Owners: Kyle & Carson


    My Overall Rating:  98 out of 100 points (Phases 1 & 2 Bootcamp)

    Wealthy Affiliate reached my expectations and received my above score. I currently have a highly functioning website, a platform to help others who might find themselves in my shoes (My beginning). I was able to accomplish the expectations of Phases 1 and 2 of their Bootcamp program as a Beginner, a Newbie, and someone with No Experience.  The training and the mentoring from over 1,000 Wealthy Affiliate members created an atmosphere that I want to succeed in. I am learning from a culture of success. I believe I am on my way to my ultimate goal, to my big picture, and that’s to make money online.


    My Rating on (Am I Making Money?): O out of 100

    0 out of 100 (at this stage, not likely)

    I am very optimistic though! Prior to Wealthy Affiliate I almost gave up on my goal. Being scammed one time too many, I was gun-shy and felt maybe Affiliate Marketing wasn’t for me. But, I now believe more than I ever had that I might be able to get closer to that goal.

    There is still more training to do, I am very excited about it, and I look forward to creating my 3rd of 5 reviews on Wealthy Affiliate. To do so would mean I would have completed Phases 3 & 4 of Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp Training.

    Stay tuned!


    Meantime, Read Real Testimonials: READ REVIEWS


    MY VERDICT:  98- out of- 100

    (Phases 1&2 Bootcamp) at Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program


    Within this 2nd review of Wealthy Affiliate I have come to discover:

    11 Benefits for Beginners at Wealthy Affiliate



    Leave a few comments and let me know your opinions in the box below.

    If you have any questions about any part of my blog/training put them in the box below.

    I will address all your questions and engage in your dialogues.

    It will be a win-win situation!

    Thanks for visiting and reading m review.

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

    All the best,



    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. I’vebeen messed up by several online business adventures. Ranging from building Amazon niche sites to clickbank affiliate marketing and I could only record very little success. But earlier this year I met the gold mine called wealthy affiliate and I have been following the trainings strictly. Guess what, I can see a green light to success already. I can’t wait to share my success story.

        I would say for anyone trying stuffs online with the aim of building an online business empire, wealthy affiliate is the last bus stop to success.

        • Hi Lok,

          Thanks for visiting and reading my article!

          I am inclined to agree with you regarding getting “messed up” over trying other online businesses. Being unemployed I have tried a few myself none of them panned out. However, my research indicates money can be made online (just have to find the right opportunity), still unemployed it was important to continue the search, thus Wealthy Affiliate.

          It is great to read your satisfaction regarding Wealthy Affiliate, my training is going well, and I can admit my satisfaction with Wealthy Affiliate as well at this point. However, I want Wealthy Affiliate to help me with what they state and advertise that they can and that’s to help me build an online successful business.

          Sharing my personal training experience is very important to me! It will indicate a testimony, if I can be successful with Wealthy Affiliate, others can too!

          I am training to prove you are right about Wealthy Affiliate, that they are the last bus to success!

          All the best,


      2. This is a great article about what should be considered the most incredible affiliate marketing platform anywhere on or off line.I am a member of this great community too and slowly with a lot of hard work daily, slowly my life is changing.I am happy to say I am actually earning  money from sitecomment which is making me happy.If you are reading this review you are reading about a sure fire thing. Thank you for putting an honest review out there.Julienne

        • Hello Julienne,

          Thank you for your generous compliment!

          Thank you for your positive expression of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s important for me and for others to read positive things about Wealthy Affiliate because we want to believe they are the resource that will help our affiliate marketing goals.

          It’s easy to agree with you regarding the community at Wealthy Affiliate, I have personally experienced  their encouragement, their expertise, their willingness to answer questions, and their willingness to offer guidance.

          It is obvious as members we both have benefited and presently benefiting from some of the many tools, training, and community that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer its members.

          Thank you for sharing your success story as a member at Wealthy Affiliate and I hope to be able to share my success story too!

          “Sure fire thing”, I am starting to believe that! So far, so good!

          Thanks for visiting!


      3. Hi Dwilli hope all is well?

        This is probably one of the most in depth reviews I’ve read for a while! I like how you’ve broken down every element with as much detail as possible without being too biased towards your opinion. 

        Have you had much success yourself using Wealthy Affiliate?

        I can see you’ve managed to get yourself up and running with a decent site and a fair amount of content.

        • Hello Tom,

          Things are going well.

          I am pleased you found my review to be an in-depth one. I tried to be as thorough as possible based on what I experience.

          In reference to your question where you asked if I have had success myself using Wealthy Affiliate? I am happy to answer that question, first I’d like to acknowledge that I am not sure about the success you may be asking about but I can definitely indicate what successes I believe I’ve had with Wealthy Affiliate.

          Prior to finding Wealthy Affiliate, in the mist of my unemployment and looking for ways to earn I had researched affiliate marketing and came to the conclusion that the research indicated a fairly lucrative industry. I had no experience (absolutely none) and no money to invest in courses to learn how to become an affiliate marketer.

          Presently training at Wealthy Affiliate, the training has allowed me to successfully complete 2 phases of a 7 phase Bootcamp training. I have successfully created a fully functioning website, with as you mentioned a fair amount of content. I am successfully learning in leaps and bounds in a short amount of time.

          If I may again emphasize “I had no experience in affiliate marketing”, from there to where I am now in my training at Wealthy Affiliate I believe that I may have successfully found a gateway to earning online.

          Time will tell and through the further progression of my training at Wealthy Affiliate, one of my many goals is to share my success stories. With Wealthy Affiliate’s help I hope to do that!

          So, time will tell how much more successful I will be!

          I hope you are able to come back and read more about my journey!

          Thanks for visiting!


      4. I have joined WA since August of this year and so far has the best learning experience. The platform is very informative and easy to follow step by step lessons. Perfect for a low-tech newbie like me. The best part about this program is the community members. I have so many kind people reaching out to me privately and offered help. They even offered to buy stuff from my affiliate link!! The best platform that I ever experienced yet. 

        • Hello Nuttanee,

          Thank you for visiting and reading my review!

          You started Aug. 2018 and I started Sept-2018 at Wealthy Affiliate I agree with you, so far it has been the best learning experience.

          We share in our level of experience in terms of being a newbie, but you may be ahead in some degree. You mentioned being a “low-tech newbie”, I am more of a “no-tech newbie”. But both of us being Wealthy Affiliate members, we have access to all that they offer, access to the community of other members, access to their state of the art platform and training.

          My training at Wealthy Affiliate has been nothing short of amazing at this point, but there is still much to learn and much to discover!

          All the best,


      5. Very well written, and comprehensive reviews of wealthy affiliate. I have written mu own review and was not as detailed as yours in terms of all the advantages you get with the platform. I also like the fact the review does not come across as spammy. In the sense the review does not come across as a desperate sales pitch to sell the platform. But instead gives a reboust review on the benefits of joining. Also adding in why you joined them was great to know especially anyone going down the affiliate route.

        • Hi Joseph,

          Thanks for visiting and reading! Your kind words are appreciated!

          You indicated my article was “well written”, thank you for the compliment, but I can’t take all the credit.

          I really worried about if I was going to need some sort of formal writing skills prior to training with Wealthy Affiliate.

          Honestly speaking they helped me to feel free to write.

          The tools within the training, like the SiteContent tool, it helps you to structure your writing, corrects spelling and grammatical errors and make vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

          I believe that’s why Wealthy Affiliate states you don’t have to be a writer and I think it’s because they help you to become one, the tools and help I received helped me to be free to just write.

          Being detailed with the review I believe is necessary, my assessment, findings, and opinions on Wealthy Affiliate is being shared by me. Offering details allow others to see what I see, help them to discover what I discovered.

          No sales pitch, just sharing my firsthand training experience at Wealthy Affiliate whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.I have to admit though, so far, so good!

          Thank you,


      6. Hi! I have read a couple of other reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, but none had gone through the platform as you do it! I like the way how you describe your personal experience while going throughout each module. I think that more important than just describing the platform is to show that it in fact worked for you. Thank you very much for this journey! It has encouraged me greatly!

        • Hello Henry,

          Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my article!

          Thank you for your kind words!

          My training at Wealthy Affiliate is still in progress and I am learning more and more about affiliate marketing everyday.

          The idea and my goal with my training is not only to do my best and learn all that’s offered, but to also share my personal experience of my training at Wealthy Affiliate with others.

          As shared in the training, “reviews” are an integral aspect of affiliate marketing and if I am going to do a review, there is no better way to assess services or products than to experience them firsthand.

          This is my goal of many goals, to train and to share my personal experience and  opinions with others.

          Ultimately, proving or not that if I can do it, others can too!

          I am very pleased that you were encouraged by my article, because that is also one of my goals!

          All the best,


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