Unemployed: Is Affiliate Marketing the Solution?

Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!

    In my blog post “About Dwilli” I invited everyone to walk with me on my personal journey to discovery. I mentioned that I believe Affiliate Marketing might be the way to go, a solution to unemployment. My exact words were, “I believe (don’t know for sure yet), that we have a chance to earn a living on our own terms through Affiliate Marketing.”


    Rituals of Being Unemployed


    I’d like to share how and why I came to think Affiliate Marketing would help anyone passionate about making positive changes in their lives and in the lives of others. Remember I found myself unemployed, scared and unprepared. Well, while I was out there pounding the pavement looking for employment, filling out a lot of applications and leaving tons of resumes with potential employers, several months had passed. Still, no job. I kind of got used to being at home, but being home is only good when you are doing it on purpose (like being on vacation and getting paid for it).

    Being unemployed for days, then weeks, and then months was taking its toll. Several months now, I would get up early and get out of the house by 8 a.m. I looking for employment. This became a ritual, I was up and out of the house by 8 a.m. every morning pounding that pavement and back home by noon, except Sundays, that was my day off (no pun intended). The funny thing about getting home by noon every day was, I would take off my interview clothes and shoes, put on something more comfortable and relaxing, and then I would grab my laptop and start searching online for jobs. Just because I was home it didn’t mean stop looking for work (I’m still jobless). So this too became a ritual, searching for employment online from my laptop.


    ­­­­­­­Online Opportunities


    The interesting thing about looking for work online as I would constantly come across advertisements that spoke of earning money from my home. Online opportunities that would indicate that I could make money online in my pajamas. Really, sign me up (pun intended), I put no seriousness into those types of advertisements at all. Employment for me meant a brick and mortar position, what did I know about working from home online, absolutely nothing. Still, time was passing and my daily rituals were still going on every day except on Sundays. I am feeling my self-worth diminishing as each day of unemployment passes. I never saw myself to be unemployed (I’m educated). I don’t want to say it out loud but, at this point, I was getting desperate.


    The more I felt desperate the more I wanted to find work that I could do from home. The truth be told, I was afraid the desperation I felt would come through in interviews and would show on my face. To say the least, confidence was not my friend, I was afraid that more rejections would be in the horizon and or I would find myself taking the next job that would hire me (just for the sake of getting employment). Take it from me that kind of mindset will bring you everything you don’t want. So, you don’t want to think that way. Which is what I had decided to do, change how I was thinking (still jobless) but I wanted to open myself up to more opportunities.


    As I continued with my rituals, I was still coming across more of those advertisements that had that similar theme but minus the “pajamas.” Remember I said that I wanted to open myself up to more opportunities, well I began to take a closer look at some of those online opportunities. I wasn’t in pajamas, but I definitely had on clothing comfortable enough to fall asleep in. So, of course, I clicked on a few of those advertisements. Many advertised that you could earn a passive income online, some indicated I could make money from home and others offered the opportunity to run your own business with the combination of all the other online opportunities (say that 3 times).


    Affiliate Marketing


    Now I am I looking into this so-called income online opportunity. Many of them sounded too good to be true (scam worthy). Others, as I read deeper into their advertised descriptions, they had more of a selling tone to them (I’m not a salesperson). Only a few of the online opportunities I clicked on interested me and 5 out of the 6 that did, had to do with Affiliate Marketing.


    Why was I drawn to Affiliate Marketing Opportunities?


    The first reason I was drawn to Affiliate Marketing opportunities is that they had no set hours (I could set my own time when to work). The second reason, they were commission based opportunities, based on promoting not selling (remember I’m not a salesperson). What’s the difference? Well, selling anything is not for me, because I don’t want to have to insist or persuade anyone to do anything. I believe that’s what salespeople do, insist and persuade. Promoting, I believe is like reviewing a product or service and then sharing your personal experience about it to others. The third reason, the money-making opportunity of course, and an even deeper aspect than the money is the fact that my worth can easily be defined based on my own efforts (never being unemployed again is a good reason too). The most important reason of them all is that I can share my personal experiences on a platform that could maybe help others positively. Being able to offer inspiration and hope through sharing allows us to openly assess our worth and capitalize on the possibilities.


    Unemployment does not define who we are, therefore our worth should not be defined by unemployment benefits or being unemployed.


    Wealthy Affiliate


    Here we are and I am still unemployed. However, my mindset has changed and if I had not changed my mindset from hopeless to hopeful I am certain we would not be here together. Through my online efforts, Affiliate Marketing has piqued my interest specifically with Wealthy Affiliate, even more than that, I want to become an Affiliate Marketer. However, there is a dilemma, I have no experience, I would definitely be a beginner and I don’t have the money to take courses. I don’t know any of the online jargon, I don’t know anything about websites other than the basics, looking up and searching for products and services online and paying bills online.


    The search now is for the Affiliate Marketing program that is going to be right for me. From the 5 Affiliate Marketing programs that I read about, I was drawn strongly to Wealthy Affiliate program. Several reasons, the first right off the bat when you search for Wealthy Affiliate in Google, under the website title it states “We cater to all levels of experience.” That is an important decision-making aspect (remember I have no experience). Another important aspect revealed itself once I clicked to open Wealthy Affiliate’s website, bold right at eye level Try Wealthy Affiliate Free, No Risk, and No Credit Card Required”(remember I have no money, no job). After seeing that, of course, I dove right in and explored their website even further. I clicked on the “education” tab and it was like music to my ears (music didn’t really play), but the words and message appeared “For newbies and advanced marketers alike, our focus with all of our training is teaching you how to create a successful, long-term business within the online space” (Newbie, that would be me), Wealthy Affiliate was calling my name.


    The Proposal


    Well, I have no idea at this point if Wealthy Affiliate is right for me or for you, but I do have a proposal for you. In my next post, I will share with you the plan I would like us to follow together. The plan that I believe will help us determine if Wealthy Affiliate’s training program is the best training for Affiliate Marketing beginners like myself and maybe you too. If you haven’t guessed already, this website and this blog is the very early part of Wealthy Affiliate’s training program (trust me, there was no way I could have gotten this far) without their training. I am still very much green, a newbie and a beginner. I can’t wait to catch you up. I had to get through this part of the training to be able to use their platform to share with you. Now that I have the platform, we can go through the rest of the training together.


    The Jury is still out on the verdict for Wealthy Affiliate and there is still a bit of way before I reach the level ofsuccessful long-term business within the online space” (Will Wealthy Affiliate deliver?). So far, so good.


    The next post, the plan and the summary of how I got to this point (step by step: website & blog).

    Walk with me through this venture of discovery. Ask me questions below, so I can ask questions and get answers. Let me know your opinions and comments in the box below. Thanks for visiting and reading my story.

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

    All the best,






    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. Good timing bad timing I don’t know,but I had to read this twice. Do I and can I relate omg YES ! I will say here that I am a member of WA  look me up cav1966 I will gladly follow you and yes it works.. affiliate marketing works. I just got a job finally as I have been unemployed off and on for the past yr.

        Great way to take the reader along on your journey ,good writing.

        • Thank you, your comments are very much appreciated! Congrats on your new job! The invitation to join me on my journey derived from wanting to help people. Unemployment can really take its toll on people, I’m hoping to find a way to help increase our self-worth and value and to not allow ourselves to be defined by life’s negative circumstances, like unemployment.

          Thank you so much for visiting

      2. Hello Dwilli and thank you for the great article!

        I can relate to your experience of being jobless as I suffered the same thing twice, and for long months! It was really frustrating and I hoped I could do something online that would make me money.

        I tried different ways like CPA marketing and E-commerce (dropshipping & print on demand). But these methods cost a lot of money in order to learn and to setup your business. And without the right mentorship, it becomes worse. I lost lots of money without any return!

        Affiliate marketing seems a better option as I can see that you mainly rely on free traffic and wealthy affiliate provides the free training. The only issue is that I don’t know if I would be patient enough until the search engines start to send me traffic.

        Please, keep us updated on your progress with this business as we would love to see your feedback!



        • Thank you so much Amjad for visiting.

          Unemployment is definitely frustrating for many of us who just want to be able to sufficiently make a living. 

          The number of complex online opportunities and scams does not ease that frustration, and no one has money to waste on them. 

          Personally, from my research I believe Affiliate Marketing is an industry that can be the solution to my unemployment status, I am interested in the industry. 

          Having no experience, no money to waste, and a need to find a program that can help me become an Affiliate Marketer is my quest, and due diligence is part of the journey. 

          Choosing Wealthy Affiliate to assist me with my quest, my hope is a good decision.

          Sharing my training experience with Wealthy Affiliate is to hopefully show that Wealthy Affiliate is the program to help or not. Also, to show to others that if I can do it, anyone can.

          So stay tuned Amjad, as I will be updating my training progress regularly.

          All the best,


      3. Overall a very personable blog and an intriguing story. I think I would set the printing size a little bigger – it’s a little small for comfortable reading.

        Yes, I can relate to the scams What a complete waste of time having to watch a 60 minute video on how people make millions using a unique system only to be confronted at the end by a request for money!!

        Wealthy Affiliate is certainly the answer, as you point out – the difficult thing is convincing your readreship that it is not a scam.

        That begs the question – is your plan on the path to success?

        • Thank you, David for visiting my site. I will definitely assess my
          site’s font size ( I want everyone to be able to read my content
          comfortably). Looks like we both have run into a few scams in our time. I
          don’t think the scams are going away, more are popping up every day, so
          it is very important for us to do our due diligence and research.
          David, the training thus far with Wealthy Affiliate is going well, my
          hope is to discover without a doubt that they are the solution for me
          and others. My goal is to share my training experiences, this way my
          “audience” can have more info to ascertain for themselves. To answer
          your question: “is your plan on the path to success?”, my answer is if I
          can help one person to reach some clarity on their decision to enter or
          not into the world of Affiliate Marketing by way of Wealthy Affiliate,
          then I have reached a level of success. Even better, if my site helps
          one person realize unemployment is not the end all, then another level
          of success will have been reached.

          All the best, 


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