Unemployed-Retired: Learn2Earn in 4-Steps

Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!

    Learn to earn in 4 steps! Unemployed (Hey that’s me!) or retired, no problem!



    4-Steps will allow us to put our “worth” in our own hands!



    Learn to Earn in 4 steps is a proven process, it is a process that has been used by over several thousand Wealthy Affiliate members and as a member myself I am currently implementing this process.  The 4 step process is also known to be the ultimate “making money” process that worked 5 years ago and it is said that it’s going to work 5 years from now as well. That’s the part that helped to convinced me to participate in this learn to earn 4 step process!. It is said to be a process that will reveal as much opportunity as one is willing to work for!


    The 4-Steps defined:


    (#1) Building a niche website

    Who is your customer? 

    Your niche = Whatever it is you’re passionate about, interested in, almost anything can be a niche

    Your audience = Whoever you can help or can benefit from your niche


    (#2) Create helpful, relevant content for your niche website


    What is your content about? 

    Information that helps

    Information that is relevant

    Information that is informative


    (#3) Get Rankings & Traffic


    How will your audience/customer/traffic get to your website?


    Affiliate links

    Quality Content

    Google’s help



    (#4) Make Money (Learn and Earn at Wealthy Affiliate)


    Many ways you can do this!   

    Promoting products

    Promoting services

    Reviews on products

    Reviews on services

    Selling products

    Selling services




    Leave a few comments and let me know your opinions in the box below. If you have any questions about any part of my blog/training put them in the box below. I will address all your questions and engage in your dialogues.

    It will be a win-win situation!

    Walk with me through this venture of discovery! (From the beginning)

    Thanks for visiting!

    All the best,




    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. This is the easiest and organized article I have ever seen on making an online business. It is really easy for me to understand. I’m really happy to read your article. I’m for sure going to give this Wealthy Affiliate a try. Thank you so much for letting me know about this. This might be a life changer for me.

        • Hi Sujandar,

          Thank you for visiting and reading my article! My experience with Wealthy Affiliate thus far has been nothing short of amazing. As a beginner myself it is important that the 4 steps lead me to be able to earn an income online. I want to share the training that leads me there with you and others. If it happens for me it can happen for you too! I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate because I can see the possibilities, and they have a “try it first” culture and I had absolutely nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.

          If you are thinking about getting into affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to start!

          All the best,


      2. Hi Dwilli,

        Yes Wealthy Affiliate absolutely Rocks, doesn’t it?   Being there for 1 year has stopped me from going after Shiny buttons on the net. Phew!

        I feel very confident that WA is the way to go to become a successful affiliate marketer. No other training program like it on the net. Believe you me, I have looked!

        Your review is short and sweet and true.  A more cost effective deal you will be hard pressed to find!

        To Your Success,


        • Hello Stella,

          Thank you for stopping by and reading my article! As a beginner in training it is nice to get validation from a season Wealthy Affiliate member. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one aspect that has shined bright in the training. Every question I had someone from the community as well as instructors were there to offer an answer. I am inclined to agree with you at this juncture of my training, I am learning in leaps and bounds from the most cost effective affiliate program anyone will find! As I share my training experience I hope others are inclined to agree as well (at this juncture in the training).

          All the best,


      3. I don’t doubt that this process works because as you said it’s the same system implemented by over a thousand internet marketers. I just have a few questions in regards to deciding my niche and writing contents.

        You said that a niche could be anything that I’m interested in or passionate about. What if the niche I want to pursue is already saturated, like for instance the health and wealth niche. I know there are a lot of websites that made their name already so how am I supposed to compete with them?

        As for writing contents, I am not really a writer so I don’t know if I’m doing things the right way. Also, how many words should one article or post have in order for search engines to rank them high? Thank you, I appreciate your response.

        • Hello Alice,

          Thank you for visiting and reading! As a beginner myself in training at Wealthy Affiliate, each lesson thus far has given me more confidence toward my goals in the affiliate marketing industry.

          Your questions are some of the same questions I had entering into the training at Wealthy Affiliate. What I have learned thus far and I am more than happy to share with you and others in reference to your questions.

          Your “saturated” niche question: What I’ve learned in the training about this subject and about myself is in any “niche” my own (your own) story or personal experience within that “niche” makes saturation invalid. No one can tell your story, like you can. This is what plucks you from everything that might appear at first to be the same.

          Your question concerning writing ability: Well by no means of the stretch of the word do I consider myself as a writer. The training at Wealthy Affiliate gave me the confidence that my writing skills needed to not be no more than being able to communicate with a targeted audience as if I were communicating with a family member or friend. So, that describes my writing style and I assure you there is no formal writing in my background. If I can write it, you can write it!

          Your last question: Well what I was trained on at Wealthy Affiliate was to always shoot for at least 1000 words when writing a post or page. As far as ranking, it may depend on the quality of your content.

          I really hoped I served you well with my answers to your questions. If so, I will not take all the credit, Wealthy Affiliate has definitely shown me the possibilities!

          All the best,


          • Awesome reply. You are right about the WA system.

            The question about saturation drew me to see your answer. You handled it perfectly. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

            No Niche can be physically dominated because of the individuality.
            This leaves the door open for newbie’s to rise to stardom and hard workers to be rewarded, all in a personal freedom atmosphere!
            onward n upward

            • Hello Dennis,

              Thanks for stopping by and reading my article!
              I believe the most pressing question I had as a beginner (still a newbie) to affiliate marketing was, how was I ever going to stand out or cover or tell a story nobody has ever heard before. Wealthy Affiliate helped me to understand that I was the uniqueness that my niche would need, my own passionate story. This was a great awareness for me because I believed no one could tell my story, only I could! So, yes we are individuals with the capability to tell our own very unique story.

              Stop by anytime Dennis! Onward and Upward!


      4. thanks for this very easy to read and understanding process of how people can earn money online. I know sometimes making money online seems like magic or that a person has a special secret on how to become successful, but all it really boils down to is creating helpful content and promoting products people need and want.

        I’ll be sure to look at your recommendation on how to put these steps in to real practice. Thank you.

        • Hello Michael,

          Thanks for stopping by and reading my article!

          I am inclined to agree with you when you mentioned that “sometimes making money online seems like magic or a special secret on how to become successful.” I was one of those who believed just that until I was spellbound with the training I have been receiving from Wealthy Affiliate. They have been totally honest and realistic about my success with them and the future of a successful online business. Just like with anything worth having is worth working for, this is the mantra I think of when training at Wealthy Affiliate!

          No magic and no special secret that I can offer and Wealthy Affiliate will not offer any either!

          I’m finding possibilities and I want others to know that they will too!

          Stop by anytime!


      5. I love your review. It contains every single valuable information and the most important steps you need to get started as an affiliate marketer. If I wasn’t already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I would definitely subscribe as a premium member! I’m sure many people will become members of WA after reading this article. Thanks for sharing!

        • Hello Ruya,

          Thank you for visiting and reading my article!

          I hope people find my article interesting enough to become members at Wealthy Affiliate as well.

          However, my main goal is to help people to feel that there are options to being unemployed, retired and struggling to make ends meet and or just want to put their worth in their own hands!

          I want people to know that if I can succeed with Wealthy Affiliate, they can too! (Train with me from the beginning)

          Stop by again anytime!


      6. The four step process you describe sounds like a realistic way to make money online over time.

        I would rather follow this process than believe the advice of some shady marketers that make out that you make money instantly, and with little effort. 

        Can you however describe in more detail what you mean by quality content? How can I ensure the content I create is good enough to rank well?

        • Hello Ray,

          Thanks for visiting and reading my article!

          Of the four steps I am currently training at Wealthy Affiliate in their Bootcamp program and it is nothing short of amazing!

          Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive, step by step instructions within the training helps me to see the possibilities.

          I have had my share of the so-called online money making opportunities and “shady” is a good name to describe what I was presented with.

          To answer your questions: (I’m still in training)

          1) – My understanding of the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate on what represents as “quality content”: Content that is useful, helpful and informative that provides answers to questions and solve problems for the targeted audiences that are looking for and need answers. Content that actually helps the reader!

          2) – Through my training, there are several components that allow the best chances to being ranked, one is finding the keyword(s) and phrases that your targeted audience will use in the search engines when looking for a product or service you are promoting. Build quality content around those keyword(s) and phrases will definitely help you rank well.

          Hope this was helpful.

          You’re welcome back anytime!


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