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Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


    Unemployment does not have to be an end-all. Retirement does not mean you are no longer relevant. Extra income, passive income, and even income that allows you to relax while earning it are all possible! Learn to Earn in 4 Steps!


    Don’t be defined by your unemployment status, because we both know we are much more than that! I had to eventually come to that conclusion. My worth was being defined by the wrong circumstance, I came to believe my worth was better defined in my own hands!


    Retired, retirement is not meant for us to retire into irrelevance, it should be spent being comfortable and enjoying life on our own terms!



    Whether you are unemployed, retired and need to make ends meet, and or just want to create a passive income for yourself and family.


    I can personally help you out because I can relate totally! Will not be a waste of your time! Train and Earn Online for FREE!



    Unemployment is no fun for anybody and not for me either (Read My Story – https://myworthdefined.com/About Dwilli).


    Who wants to be just surviving when you retire? Retirees should be living not just surviving in their retirement!




    Before exiting, please allow me to mention one thing in regards to your personal success!


    It may not be as complex as you think it is to start something on your own (yes, your very own business). Check out the 11 Benefits for Beginners for Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate


    All you need to get rolling is a computer (the library has one if need), the internet (the library can help with this too), and a passion to succeed! Nothing to lose, everything possible to gain!

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    Read how I will review Wealthy Affiliate!

    We are truly in this together: Wealthy Affiliate Reviewed in Phases!



    Have you ever been unemployed once or even twice in your lifetime? Then you probably know that it’s a struggle (maybe currently)?


    How about retirement, are you retired?


    Express Yourself, Vent, and Ask Questions!

    Go ahead, feel free to express yourself on how you felt or feel about
    your unemployment status in the past or even today!


    If you are retired, feel free to vent if your retirement income is not making ends meet for you!


    Use the box below to speak on how you feel, speak on what you want different for yourself!

    Ask the questions and I will answer!

    Walk with me through this venture of discovery!

    (From the beginning) Read my story!

    Thanks for visiting and reading! See you on the inside!

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

    All the best,






    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. Dwilli, I really like your writing style. I can tell you’re a very personable person and outgoing. I can totally relate to the unemployment issue. My divorce was finalyzed in 2008 and I could not find work for the life of me! I was either over qualified or underqualified. Employment was scarce then. Two years later, my new husband and I got into real estate investing. We started with flips and had good success by the grace of God! Now I’m a Realtor as well. A lot of my online marketing utilizes all of the techniques I learn through Wealthy Affiliate. I started with the free membership first but quickly realized I had exactly what I needed in one place and upgraded to Premium and stayed there ever since. There’s sooo much to learn!

        • Hello Annette,

          Thank you so much for visiting and reading my article!

          Thank you for your kind words!

          You are a good judgement of character, I’d like to think that I am an outgoing and personable person, you pegged me perfectly.
          I am pleased to know that your unemployment status has changed for the better and I am certain it was your mindset that brought you to move to your present status. Far too many times we allow circumstances and people to defined our worth and value only to rise to a status below our potential. Once we decide to take control of our own value and worth, positive people, events and opportunities began to show up in our lives. But we can’t just recognize these positivities we have to take action on them so that we can take advantage of their presence. Take advantage of why the positivities materialized in the first place! Once I changed my mindset and wanted to live up to the potential I knew existed within, the search was on! Due diligence is a necessary task and is what I am attempting to accomplish with Wealthy Affiliate. Coming across Wealthy Affiliate as my mindset went into a worth and value defining direction the WA opportunity presented itself.

          I am inclined to agree with you on there being a great deal to learn at Wealthy Affiliate. Being a newbie to the affiliate marketing industry and training with Wealthy Affiliate I am learning in leaps and bounds. So, it is nice when a fellow WA member visits one of my posts and voices their opinion not only about my posts, but validates my research on Wealthy Affiliate, so far , so good!

          I am encouraged by how Wealthy Affiliate has helped you with your success!

          My quest is to lend to the possibilities of Wealthy Affiliate being a major factor in my future successes!

          All the best,


      2. I agree with you, we shouldn’t be defined by whether or not we are employed. Nevertheless, most people do have a lower opinion of people that aren’t employed.

        The best way to earn extra money when in these situations is to start a side business which has the potential to earn you a passive income.

        I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member and believe that it is the best platform when it comes to learning how to start an online business. The training and the WA community are phenomenal. With time, effort and determination anyone can start their own online business with WA.

        • Hello Suzie,

          Thanks for stopping by and reading my article! It is always nice when a Wealthy Affiliate member comes across one of my articles and offer their opinion or comment. It’s validation to me that Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for me as I move toward becoming an affiliate marketer.

          The training I am receiving at Wealthy Affiliate has created a gateway to the possibilities of starting and eventually having a sustainable online business. The Community of Wealthy Affiliate members are remarkable and even that word does not describe the value that I’ve been exposed to.

          If I had allowed my unemployment status to solely define my worth my eyes would have been closed to the possibilities. Affiliate Marketing allows marketers to put their worth and value in their own hands. Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to take advantage of that possibility by accommodating me who had no experience, unemployed, and zero money to get started to participate in their Affiliate Marketing Training Programs. My own online business goals is alive and well.

          I am with you 100% on WA’s platform and training!

          You are welcome to come back anytime! Your insight is appreciated!

          Thank you,


      3. This post was VERY helpful, I am currently unemployed and have been looking for ways to earn money online to help make ends meet. This article has helped me out a great deal and has really opened my eyes, so for that, thank you! 

        I just have a few questions, does Wealthy Affiliate have any extra costs? or is it a set price? Also, can anyone get started with this method you wrote about?

        Once again thank you for this post. I have been struggling a lot lately and this is the encouragement i needed.

        All the best,


        • Hello Terrence,

          Thank you for visiting and reading my article! I am pleased that you found my article to be helpful. I can relate to your unemployment status, unemployment is not a status anyone one wants to maintain. No one I know grows up to want to be unemployed, so don’t let unemployment define your worth and value! It was that kind of determination (Read My Beginning ) that led me to Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program.

          To answer your questions:

          There are absolutely no extra costs to get started, $0 cost to get started!

          Anyone who wants to learn how to build an online business  can take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Programs. As a beginner, no experience at all, and unemployed I have the opportunity to create 2 websites, participation in the Beginner Training Course, can have a personal blog, exposure to the Affiliate Boot camp Training, video walk throughs, 2 training classrooms, exposure to Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program, and a chance to earn while you learn all for $0 dollars. This was perfect for me entering and gave me the opportunity to try it out to see if Wealthy Affiliate’s opportunities would be a fit! So far, so good!

          I’m learning in leaps and bounds, still more learning and training to do. Wealthy Affiliate has opened the doors to the possibilities!

          You’re welcome back anytime!


      4. Hey Dwilli. I love your article. I am not retired, however, I am unemployed because I am a full-time student but with the staggering number of unemployed graduates I cannot help but feel like the odds are stacked against me and not having a say about what I do with my life just seems too gloomy for my liking. 

        Finding out about affiliate marketing has been one of the biggest life altering evens of my life. I am learning so much at Wealthy Affiliate that I have a renewed optimism and reading articles such as yours gives me the drive to push on with this business. 

        Thank you for sharing your insights and I wish prosperity unto you with your business as well.  

        • Hello,

          Thank you for visiting my site and reading my article!

          Unfortunately you might be spot on with the high number of college graduates possibly occupying space in the unemployment lines. Unemployment can happen anytime to anybody who calls themselves an employee.

          Unemployment changed my life (I say that today) because if I was employed I may not have given myself permission to look in other areas that would allow me to have more control of my worth and value. I have said now for several months that unemployment brought me to discover Wealthy Affiliate. We are on the same level and I totally relate when you said Wealthy Affiliate has renewed your optimism, I agree 100%!

          The possibilities are real and I too am learning so much about this industry! Wealthy Affiliate gives the unemployed, the retired (looking to make ends meet) and the no experience individuals a real chance at creating an online business. That’s huge! So many benefits one can take advantage of with Wealthy Affiliate!

          Good luck with your success with WA, as I am sure I will get wind of it!

          Come back anytime!


      5. I have definitely been unemployed for a couple of years before finding a job and I have to say it is not fun especially when you have lifestyle necessity expenses that you need to pay for. Not even luxury. However, I am personally choosing to learn affiliate marketing because I have also been on the brink of layoffs a couple of times and I definitely don’t want to get caught with my pants down and have to relive that unemployment feeling again either.

        • Hello Jessie,

          Thanks for finding my site and reading my article! I think if anyone has spent the majority of their life as an employee has been unemployed at one point and or will eventually be unemployed at one point. Some will be unemployed before they ever get to become an employee. That’s what I call giving the other guy all the control. That is how I got here (My Beginning), I wanted to take back that control. I did not want to occupy the unemployed space ever again! No one will ever again tell me I’m obsolete or irrelevant. My quest then became to find ways to showcase my worth and value. Training at Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to believe in the possibility of owning an successful online business.

          Sometimes just having the opportunity can change you whole life! This is where my expectation hang in reference to Wealthy Affiliate.

          Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime!


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