Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – Don’t Join Until You Read This!

Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


    You are in the right place to read what I know about Wealthy Affiliate. This Wealthy Affiliate 2018 review is the beginning phase of a quest to becoming an Affiliate Marketer. This also could mean you are wanting to begin your possibilities in the Affiliate Marketing Industry as well. So, you think Wealthy Affiliate could be a place to start or further your interest in Affiliate Marketing? This will be the 1st of several reviews of Wealthy Affiliate as we maneuver through the training.


    This 1st review of Wealthy Affiliate may surprise you. Surprise you in the sense that my conclusion may not be what you expect. My honesty is without a sales pitch, without the intent to persuade and will only provide you with what I know to be true. I do sincerely hope that I can provide you with information that you find useful and informative.


    Speaking openly, I was once in your shoes (my full story from the beginning) regarding Wealthy Affiliate, I too was looking for more information on Wealthy Affiliate, trying to do my due diligence. Maybe you are looking to find out the effectiveness of their Affiliate Marketing Program. Perhaps you’re just looking to find out if Wealthy Affiliate can help you make money online, or maybe resolve your unemployment status (my situation).


    Either way, I am not here to convince you one way or another because I am not you. It bothers me to know that there are people out there trying to tell people what is best for them. What I can say with great confidence is Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to explore on your own for free. No money required, no experience needed and Wealthy Affiliate will answer every question you could ever possibly have about Affiliate Marketing.


    What kind of learner are you?


    Have you ever considered what kind of learner you are? One thing that I have found in the many Affiliate programs that I have reviewed was that there is an overwhelming amount of information. Training programs that had a great amount of information. We get so wrapped up in the quality of information and forget about how that information will be delivered. Believe it or not, I know what kind of learner I am. This was information I learned about myself many years ago. I am what is called a Kinesthetic Learner, this kind of learner is a hands-on type learner. I learn by doing, I process the information better by actively participating while learning. A hands-on approach.


    The importance of knowing what kind of learner you are will help you not only look at the quality of information in the Affiliate training Programs, but also look at how that training information will be delivered. Wealthy Affiliate is keeping my attention because I am allowed to actively participate (my learning style) while learning and training. This was huge for me being the type of learner that I am.

    To know the type of learner you are going to https://www.chegg.com/play/student-life/quiz-what-type-of-learner-are-you/.


    It’s important to feel like my goal of becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer will be possible.


    More criteria to keep in mind while looking into Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program.


    Training: What do you need to get from the training program? This is very important to me because I have no experience at all. What is being offered in terms of training? Is the training information delivered in your style of learning?


    Support: What kind of support is available? I am a beginner, newbie with absolutely no experience. I will need to feel supported in every way, fashion and form.


    Personal Mentoring: Can I get hands-on training, or 1 on 1 training if need? I may need some extra help somewhere if I am not quite comprehending.


    Certification: Can be rewarded for completion or accomplishments?


    Advance Training: Are there lessons that match my level of knowledge (novice – expert)?


    The Affiliate Program: What does the compensation consist of and how are Affiliates paid?


    Networking: Are there opportunities to network?


    Building Websites: What kind of training or how will websites be obtained? What is needed to maintain a website?


    Reviews Galore


    There are tons of 2018 reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, I can save you some time and the trouble. Most, if not all the things you will see and hear in those reviews are saying the same things about Wealthy Affiliate. Just ask in the comments box below and I will send you a list of those reviews I researched. I just added a couple three here, and you will see for yourself that these reviews cover pretty much the same things within the Wealthy Affiliate Programs and systems.







    Even after viewing, reading and listening to the many reviews, I still found myself in the same spot. Trying to get information that will help me feel comfortable about investing into Wealthy Affiliate. I am certain you already have some interest in Wealthy Affiliate, you just need something else to move you toward what you want to do or not want to do anyway. News flash, you will find exactly what you are looking for, guaranteed! Seek and you shall find.


    More Research

    I went to this website ForexReferral to get a professional perspective on Affiliate Marketing Programs:  https://www.forexreferral.com/best-affiliate-programs#Highest-Paying-Affiliate-Programs

    They are considered to be a guide to picking Affiliate programs. They advertised that it doesn’t matter if you are “new” like you and myself or a “season pro” like yourself, they will help you pick the right affiliate program. They chose Wealthy Affiliate within the top 10 of their list of over 67 Affiliate programs as one of the highest paying affiliate programs. This was huge to know and it is current information. They had this to say: “Turn your passion into a thriving online business with Wealthy Affiliate Simply follow their proven process easy to use tools to launch a website, attract visitors, and most importantly, earn revenue. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most engaging affiliate programs available online — earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community.”


    I found this website: https://www.empireflippers.com Empire Flippers is an Inc. 5000 company and the #1 curated marketplace for buying and selling established, profitable online businesses. This company put out a list of who they considered being “The Top Affiliate Networks and Programs that aren’t Amazon in 2018”. Wealthy Affiliate didn’t make their list.


    Who Else?


    The PureResiduals website http://pureresiduals.com/top-10-affiliate-programs considered Wealthy Affiliates to be the best “residual income opportunity online.”  They mentioned Wealthy Affiliate has the “best tools available and how to share them with others to develop top monthly recurring income.” They give their opinion and list of the “Top 10 Affiliate Programs” and ultimately ends their list and with a statement about Wealthy Affiliates.“If you are absolutely new to affiliate marketing and wish to learn the ropes of earning money online.” They highly recommend the boot camp training at Wealthy Affiliate.


    Content Marketer & Blogger

    Kasia Perzynska at https://partners.livechatinc.com/blog/affiliate-marketing-training/ “The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses of 2018” Wealthy Affiliates made the top 5. Another quote from her blog, writing “The next platform, which has created a great community of affiliate marketers and is a fantastic resource for a versatile and step-by-step affiliate marketing training program is Wealthy Affiliate.” Also, “One of the most reputable and highest-rated resources to teach you the ropes of digital marketing and online business for someone who has no or very little experience in the online and blog world.”


    My Decision


    Well, you may have guessed by now that we are in the same shoes. I have done my due diligence regarding Wealthy Affiliate and have come across a great deal of information. To my dismay, the jury is still out! I felt my research in terms of reviews brought me to a handful of sales pitches. The information I researched brought me to terminology that I could only possibly understand after being trained or taught.


    At this point what I decided to do, was to find out for myself. I signed up and is chronically capturing my personal firsthand experience with Wealthy Affiliate. My plan is to share it with others who might find themselves in the same situation “trying to decide” if Wealthy Affiliate is worth the investment of time, energy and money if need.


    For my story check out my blog “My Worth Defined” at https://myworthdefined.com and walk with me on my journey to discovery. Catch up and train alongside me. If you are looking to make money online, you’re unemployed and need an income you are not alone, so do I. At this point I can’t state with certainty that I will make money online with Wealthy Affiliate. But, I can say for certain that there is enough positive information out there to sign-up and find out for yourself, like I’m doing.




    Walk with me through this venture of discovery. Ask me questions in the box below, so I can ask questions and get answers. Let me know your opinions and your comments in the box below.


    Thanks for visiting and reading my review.

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, GO!

    All the best,



    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. Love your WA review. I am a fellow member and enjoy the time I spend there. I learn lots, but also get to give advice. Imagine that, a few years ago, I didn’t even know what it meant to be an affiliate and now I get to give out advice. I feel pretty good about. The lessons there are amazing, I can repeat the lessons as many times as I want to make sure I’m covered in all the learning. Awesome post. 

        • Thanks so much for visiting!

          This was my 1st of 5 reviews I plan to complete on Wealthy Affiliate (Reviews in Phases) explains why my reviews will be in phases.

          Training is going surprisingly well for me, coming from having absolutely no experience at all, just a goal to get the experience. Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive, step by step instructions have given me the confidence to move forward and to share my experience with others.

          It is great to have a fellow WA member who is more experienced validate what I have experienced thus far with Wealthy Affiliate.

          You sharing what I can look forward to in the future as I progress with Wealthy Affiliate is appreciated!

          Thank you for your kinds words!


      2. I can not stop repeating it, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn about affiliate marketing, not only you are learning step by step, even a person with zero Knowledge about business or without writing skills can become very successful, only if they are patience and put effort.

        Wealthy Affiliate is very complete and gets better every year. There is no other place to go, if you want tk change your life for the better, join Wealthy Affiliate. 

        I used to think that this was another scam. BUT it is not. This is 100% LEGIT! 

        • Thank you so much for visiting!

          I am beginning to come to that same conclusion (Wealthy Affiliate being the best platform to learn Affiliate Marketing)! As I move forward in my training, I am learning more and more about myself, Wealthy Affiliate’s training gives you the confidence you need to believe in the possibilities. Their comprehensive and as you stated step by step lessons create a environment for success. I am definitely one of the ones that come from the no experience, no formal writing skills arena, but the training has allowed (free to write) and is teaching me to write from a perspective that’s totally natural for me (totally unexpected).

          At this point in my training with Wealthy Affiliate I will have to concur with you (want to change your life for the better, join Wealthy Affiliate)!

          Your validation and your assessment of Wealthy Affiliate is appreciated and is duly noted!

          Thank you,


      3. I was once in your shoes too. When I read all the positive reviews about wealthy affiliate, I found it way to good to be true. I’d figure there is no way this can get so many positive reviews. I even tried searching for negative reviews and to my surprise I found none.

        After checking it out for myself, I was very surprised to find that they are legitimate. I even made a $56 in affiliate commissions so far after a year of training and will see myself making more in the near future.

        Did you ever find a negative review of Wealthy Affiliate?

        • Hi Jessie,

          Thanks so much for visiting!

          Good fortunes to you with more affiliate commissions!

          To answer your question; “did I ever find negative review on Wealthy Affiliate?”

          My answer is not really. There were a few reviews that had certain aspects about Wealthy Affiliate to be negative which were small and specific but overall their review would turn out be positive for the most part.

          (19 out of 20 reviews were positive reviews).

          So far, so good for me and the experiences I am having with Wealthy Affiliate.

          All the best,


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