Wealthy Affiliate Reviewed in Phases- What I Know Now!

Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!


    What I know now about Wealthy Affiliate is not enough to do a thoroughly detailed review at this time. This is why I have chosen to do several reviews until the completion of all the Bootcamp Training Phases.


    As with anything, services, products and or people, we should try to learn everything we can about it or them beforehand. No one wants to pay for a service that is not serving. No one wants a product that is not of good quality, and no one wants anyone in their life who is not honest and trustworthy. Well, for sure I don’t, and I am certain you don’t either.


    My review of Wealthy Affiliate is serious business!

    Wealthy Affiliate claims to offer a service, a product and claims to have good people backing their service(s) and product(s). We will address those claims in a bit.


    First things first!

    You may know already (if you are walking/training alongside me) or you should know that I have completed one review on Wealthy Affiliate already:


    “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018-Don’t Join Until You Read This!”


    I decided and came up with the idea to do a series (in phases) of reviews on Wealthy Affiliate. My reason behind the series of reviews came from asking myself, how could I give an honest thorough personal opinion/review on a service, product or even a person or people if I have not experienced them firsthand? The first review that I did was a true depiction of my experience during my research phase of Wealthy Affiliate.



    Yes, I researched, checked out other reviews, videos, business sites, and I’d like to believe they gave their honest opinions about Wealthy Affiliate. If I am going to give my honest opinion, do I give you their honest opinions? This is the part that confuses me a little, the opinions we receive from our due diligence about service(s), product(s) or about people are just to push us in a direction that we may be interested in going. Those opinions positive or negative helps to create a sense of comfort in going in a direction or not, remember we are trying to find out if we should buy or move on to the next service, product, or person. Well, from that confusion is where I’m drawing the seriousness from.


    I am very serious about the review of Wealth Affiliate.

    Each review will depict my open and honest opinion, not a sales pitch, and no thoughts at all about what I think you should do.  Remember, in my last review I stated that those opinions I received from my research brought me to conclude that I needed to really find out for myself how Wealthy Affiliate would show up in my life and possibly in the lives of others (who may be training alongside me). Wealthy Affiliate a bust or a benefit? This was important, I am a beginner, a newbie and with no experience to very little (improved some with training), but at the time of that last review the opinions of others was all I had to go on, so I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Training Program.


    There was enough information out there to satisfy my curiosity regarding Wealthy Affiliate and it was the only program I found that allowed me to try it first, for FREE! I’m inviting you as I had with others at that time to join me in my quest/venture toward discovery (training alongside me from the beginning).


    My goal regarding my Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

    Will be to inform you from my perspective based on my firsthand experiences and my exposure to Wealthy Affiliate’s training programs. I will not be comparing Wealthy Affiliate’s programs to other programs. My assessment is to strictly find out if Wealthy Affiliate can deliver! Find out if Wealthy Affiliate’s training programs are so comprehensive and business forward that it will actually teach me/us how to create a successful, long-term business within the online space and I actually make an income. I/We are dedicated to the training and we expect Wealthy Affiliate to be dedicated to training me (us if you are training alongside me).


    Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp Phases 1 and 2 are the training lessons I am in the process of completing at this time. Each phase has a series of 10 lessons for a total of 20 lessons.

    Next review will be on the Wealthy Affiliates Bootcamp Phases 1 & 2.


    Just to give you an idea of how these series of reviews might go: Each Review will reflect where I/we are in the training or what phase I/we may have completed. Total of 5 reviews (each summarized below)


    The Bootcamp training has 7 phases with 10 lessons in each phase.

    Review: #1 – (Done) Just prior to training and it was based on what I knew from the report of others.

    Review: #2 – Actual training started: Bootcamp Phase 1 and 2: (Next one)

    Review: #3 – Bootcamp Phase 3 and 4:(TBA)

    Review: #4 – Bootcamp Phase 5 and 6:(TBA)

    Review: #5 – Bootcamp Phase 7 and my final/concluding review on Wealthy Affiliate: ( The verdict, TBA)


    Let’s be a little unreserved right now!

    Being unemployed (my situation and maybe yours too),  or whatever our background is that brings us here, we are looking for avenues for income possibilities. There are all kinds of opportunities, possibilities, and programs that we can look into I’m sure of it, but our interest is with Wealthy Affiliate right now. With no prior experience, training has to happen, if Affiliate Marketing is an industry we want to explore as a way to make a living, training has to happen. With that said, time will be dedicated to the training. No one wants to waste valuable time in a program that will not deliver the goods. The expectation is to create an atmosphere that allows an income to be produced from Affiliate Marketing.


    (At the top of the page) I mentioned we’d address Wealthy Affiliate claims to offer a service, a product and has good people backing their service(s) and product(s). Here it is, this is what’s advertised:


    “WA Success. It’s Happening.”

    “What is your idea of success? $10/day? $100/day? $1,000/day, More? Each of these is entirely possible with the education, the websites, and the community you are going to be able to take full advantage of at Wealthy Affiliate.”

    And these are the great minds behind Wealthy Affiliate.

    Kyle: Marketing Chief, Co-founder

    Carson: Design Chief, Co-founder

    KC: Programming Chief

    Aaron: Technology Chief

    Jay: Training Chief


    Wealthy Affiliate needs to help us create a successful, long-term business online!


    Plain and simple! Would you agree?


    Let’s hold ourselves and Wealthy Affiliate accountable


    Leave a few comments and let me know your opinions in the box below.
    If you have any questions about any part of my blog/training put them in
    the box below. I will address all your questions and engage in your


    It will be a win-win situation!


    Walk with me through this venture of discovery! (Start from the beginning)

    Thanks for visiting and reading my story!

    I’m sure your story can be just as relatable with a healthy level of commitment.

    On our mark, get ready, get set, and GO!

    All the best,




    Your Worth is Better in Your Own Hands!



      1. Very honest review. It is refreshing not to be reading a sales pitch. I think your honesty and integrity will serve you well in the long run online. I would have like a bit more detail about wealthy affiliate program. But as you have explained you have not done much of the initial training, and will be doing more reviews on the platform once you have completed more training.

        • Hello Joseph,

          Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my article!

          I am pleased you found my review to be an honest one. Being honest and having integrity is very important to me. My goal is to help people and I believe you really can’t help anyone if you are not being honest and have integrity

          I would have loved to have given more of the details you felt you needed on Wealthy Affiliate, however it was important to give the details of my personal firsthand information, that I could attest to, and I am pleased that you understood that.

          I look forward to sharing more reviews on Wealthy Affiliate as I progress through the training.

          The training at Wealthy Affiliate thus far has been amazing and if you are looking to participate in your own training at Wealthy Affiliate it’s totally FREE to get started. You can and more than welcome to walk with me through my journey to discovery with Wealthy Affiliate, from the beginning.

          I look forward to sharing more and hope you are able to stop by again!

          All the best,


      2. Terrific.  Really terrific idea.  

        Having an unbiased opinion is perfect and without sales pitch.

        I think that every business would like to have an unbiased opinion, but these days everyone is compared with everyone and a sales pitch begins.  This is exactly how I approached WA when I signed up for free to begin with.

        I look forward to reading each part of your review 

        • Hello Stew,

          I appreciate you visiting and reading my article!

          No sales pitch here, just an honest personal firsthand depiction.

          I am in agreement with you on everyone being compared with everyone, with this happening all the time, it’s difficult to discern between them. My defense would be to arm myself with as much favorable information possible and take it with me as I personally find out for myself, thus Wealthy Affiliate

          Sharing my personal firsthand training experience at Wealthy Affiliate is my goal. I want to help others to believe if I can do it, then they could do it too, train and earn online!

          Wealthy Affiliate plays a huge role with helping me convey that message!

          Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are able to visit again.

          See you soon!


      3. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Wealthy Affiliate.When I pass by a website post about WA I feel happy because WA became my home since october and I feel at home .

        I have tried to make money online for so long but I failed because I were in wrong place full of scams,but now I am earn decent money even if I still newbie and you can’t imagine how happy I am.

        The training provided is very comprehensive and English used is very clear and simple to be understable to all people.

        • Hello Julienne,

          Thank you for reading my article and offering your kind words!

          Yes, I am a beginner also training with Wealthy Affiliate hoping someday to get where you are. The training is going well and I look forward to a bright future. So far, so good!

          I am looking forward to creating great telling reviews on Wealthy Affiliate, with high expectations. Which can only be done in phases (my firsthand training experiences).

          Thanks for visiting, come back anytime!


      4. Hi Dwilli, doing a series of reviews is a great idea, not only on Wealthy Affiliate but on other products as well. As we go through each phase, we can already share what what we have learned so far. We then come to the finale after we’ve finished the entire course.

        It’s very important to be honest and straight forward in our review because people will surely notice if we are just trying to do a sales pitch. It’s about providing others with good reasons to try the product we’re recommending because as you said, nobody would want to waste their time and money on something that does not deliver. 

        • Hello Alice,

          Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my article!

          I am for sure in agreement with you regarding the importance of being honest and straight forward when doing reviews. As a newbie in the industry of affiliate marketing and training at Wealthy Affiliate, learning that product reviews are a major and vital aspect of a affiliate marketing. Gaining that knowledge allowed me to express my interest in several folds.

          1- If I am going to do a product review, it has to be firsthand (my personal experience), honest and open.

          2- I want to share my firsthand experience (every step) with you and others, just in case there are other perspectives out there that could help me/others understand the product better.

          3- My review(s) on Wealthy Affiliate have to be in phases because I want to be able to personally show if Wealthy Affiliate can assist or not with my success of creating a successful online business. It will show then that they can surely help others or not based on my personal experience with them.Others can see why I succeeded(if that is the case) or why I failed (if that’s the case). It holds me accountable and Wealthy Affiliate as well

          Thanks again for visiting, stop by anytime!


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